Breaking News Beauty Reveals The Secret Organic Hair Color

Being one of the first beauty salons in Orange County California to use an organic hair color, many stylist  and clients ask Breaking News Beauty, which secret hair color line the salon uses.

It’s really no secret. The problem with using this color line for the professional is, the company in NYC that Breaking News Beauty purchases the color line from, makes you purchase $500 worth of their product on your first purchase. This causes many stylists to hesitate going organic.

Eva has truly been devoted since 1977, when she first became a stylist, to bring her customers the best products available on the market. This is why she is at long last divulging the secret to you now. Eva uses two different color lines O&M and also another professional line which is not sold on Amazon yet. When the other color line becomes available she will post it on this color post. CHECK BACK OFTEN!!! This product can be purchased through her by clicking on the picture.

She will post more color options as they become available.

UPDATE- More colors have been added to this color line. Keep checking back if you don’t see your color yet.

Click the picture for purchase

10/03 Lightest Beige Blonde

5/0 Light Brown

0/43 Copper

4/66 Violet Brown

Warning… Not all organic color lines are the same. Breaking News Beauty has tried many organic color lines in the past which have been complete failures. One color line left your hair feeling like straw even after just one use. One color line didn’t cover the gray at all, and washed out quickly. And one color line smelled so badly you could never wash out the smell. This is the organic color line we use in our salon today. It is the best brand that professionals use.

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