Breaking News, Votes for Best Conditioner on the Market

Breaking News Beauty, has voted for the best conditioner on the market…  Once you try this product it will be hard to chose another brand. There are hundreds of brands on the market. So what is so special about this brand? It’s perfect for hair that is hard to comb after shampooing. It leaves your hair feeling soft and smooth. Would you like to know the favorite all time best conditioner on the market? It’s Colure of course. The one Eva recommends and uses the most, is the blue bottle one called Richly Moisture. You will find this professional conditioner in most high end salon’s back bar.


Shampoo hair, use Colure conditioner, rinse. Then before leaving the shower use a very small dollop of conditioner (not too much) as a leave in.

Travel size

32 oz size which is what Eva recommends getting

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