Breaking News, All About The Mermaid Swimsuit

Breaking News Beauty has been seeing these trendy mermaids swimming in her neighborhood pools.


Mermaid are no longer mythical creatures in folklore,

They are all the rage locally. Some mermaids swim in a school of mermaids while others swim alone. But each and every mermaid you see in the water love to flap their fins. They are adorably cute to watch as they swim by. Check out these three lovable fins to complete your mermaid experience. In my opinion it’s all about looking like a little mermaid. I might change out the swimsuit top with her favorite top on occasions, for her swimming pleasure.

With this Mermaid suite you will need to purchase a mono fin which is down below.

This blue beauty comes in different colors and sizes.

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This suit is three pieces. The Mono fin is sold separately

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This little sparkle jewel comes in many different sizes and the Mono Fin is included.

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The Mono Fin Is adjustable and should fit nicely at the bottom of the Mermaid suit.

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