Breaking News, Think Board Shorts are Just For Guys? Think Again! Check This out

Breaking News Beauty, Do you think Board Shorts are just for guys? Absolutely not. Take a look at this classy beach wear. I have a couple of pairs of women’s board shorts that I love wearing to the pool or on the beach. After I get done swimming I can easily run into the store and make a purchase. Board shorts are just like normal shorts, except for the fact you can also swim in them. Some girls wear them over their bikini. I suggest wearing something under them that will quickly dry. The nice thing about them is, you can wear a really nice bathing suit top or a bikini top. Which ever you prefer, and it doesn’t have to be matchy matchy. I’ll show you and example of what I mean.

I love these board shorts because they have a nice pocket on the side. Many women’s board shorts don’t have any pockets at all. So I would pick this one over all the others.

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This board short has pockets and hugs the hips. Comes in more styles, lengths and colors.

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Just the board shorts are included in the price

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This is the bathing suit I wear under my board shorts. This flattering suit will give you a nice tan and it works really well with the board shorts. It comes in a lot of different sizes from a 4 up to size 22.

Or this one. This suit will also give you a nice tan.

Or you can wear a really cute bikini top with your board shorts. This bikini top comes in a few different sizes and colors.

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