Breaking News Beauty 2017 Hair Fashion from Bazaar

Breaking News Beauty 2017 hair fashion from Bazaar’s Opinion, Now a little bit of my own opinion about what they say. Being in the business for 39 years I have seen many styles come and go. I have also seen styles called one thing one year and something completely different in another year. I think Bazaar has surpass my expectation on hairstyles for this year.

Let me show you what I mean.

The 10 Biggest Hair Trends Of 2017 (So Far)

Are you ready for this here goes…

# 1 Going Platinum

Ketty Perry, they say she cut her hair short to go platinum. That is such good advice. Long platinum hair is extremely hard to keep up when it’s long. So, A+ for that advice from them.

#2 Hi Pony Tail

I myself have always loved high ponytails. Your hair has to be long enough so that it stays up. A very nice look year round. I give them another A+.

# 3 Super Sleek

I am so surprised they put this on their top ten list of 2017. I feel like I am having some kind of Déjà vu, right? This is not a new look for 2017 this style comes from the 90s. With the flat ironing and the long blunt cuts. I can not even grade this style.


# 4 Growing-Out Shag

For the first time a style can be called.. growing out a style… Is that even possible??? I guess so, since it comes from Bazaar. I call this style what it is. Long layers. It really does have a name.

Let’s move on.

# 5 Flat Waves

Ok ok.. they are killing me here. I call this a no style. Or get out of bed and fix your hair… style.


# 6 Blunt Bob

2017 and we are still doing Bobs. This has been in style since I can remember. And for good reason. It is darn cute. I give this an A+ as usual.


# 7 Cher Hair

Long extensions are now being called Cher Hair. Okay with me. In the year 2017 I know that extensions are still really big, big, big. I don’t see long extensions leaving any time soon. Another A+.


# 8…??? where is # 8?

They promised a number 8 but did not deliver on a number 8. Can they do that???  For this they get an F+++

# 9 Romantic Braids

I have seen and also done romantic braids before.. I don’t call braids that are coming undone to be romantic braids. I call these braids messy braids. This also does not deserve a grade.

One more…

# 10 The Hair Flip

Oh common. Do they know what a flip is? They are calling this a hair flip because you flip it from one side of your head to the other. OK, that’s it… I’m done… Now you be the judge of these hairstyles. What do you think? Do you agree with me or them??

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Reference// Bazaar site

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