Elegant Hungarian Tea Service

You’ve heard of the English high tea, now experience an elegant Hungarian tea service with the popular elegant Hungarian flower pattern. You don’t have to be from England to enjoy an exciting outdoor tea party.

As your beauty advisor, we invite you to learn about the Hungarian tea service. Even in the cooler months you can invite your guests to your home for an indoor tea party.

Elegant Hungarian Tea Service

Getting ready for your tea party, you will need to set up your tea table just right. You will bring out your most beautiful linen table cloth with matching napkins. Your silverware will be polished perfectly, no water spots showing. But the star of the show will be your 17 piece elegant tea service. The elegant design has beautiful blossoms of yellow, blue, pink, and lavender floral pattern on a white background. The added well-designed gold trim will dress your table in grace and sophistication. The matching set is complete with 6 Teacups and Saucers, a Covered Tea Pot with Sugar and Creamer Cups. When we have tea parties, we will have several flavors of tea our guests may choose from.

During your tea party, You will want to use your Queen Victoria Herend plate to serve your sandwiches and your tea cookies. Buy several plates to serve more food.

When your party is over,
you may want to display this stylish tea service out where your guests will enjoy your well designed placement.
Hungarian Tea Table Cloth

Dress your table for tea.

You don’t need to travel all the way to a Hungarian gift shot to order your an authentic tea table cloth

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Babka Chocoalte Cake

Just after serving your lovely tea sandwiches,

surprise your friends with these popular, delicious Hungarian Babka cake.

This chocolate cake is authentically Hungarian delicious.

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Now impress your tea guests by serving your tea sandwiches

or your tea Babka cake on this beautiful Queen Victoria Herend plate.

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Hungarian Music

Don’t forget to turn on your Hungarian music while guests are sipping their tea!

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During your tea party,

you will want to honor the freedom fighters of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution

by listening to the audiobook The Eleventh Arrow.

Click on the blue link to get your FREE Audiobook and enjoy your tea party!!

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