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Looking to stop your wrinkles from from getting worse or stopping them all together? If you are in the skin care business or would like to do your own microderm treatments, you have come to the right article. As your beauty advisor, we will teach you not only which Microderm machine to use, but also how to use your microderm machine from a licensed microderm certified aesthetician, who has been doing microderms for over 40 years.

Which skin types need to use microdermabrasions?

ALL skin types (unless you have a medical condition), would benefit from microdermabrasion. The younger you start using microdermabrasion on your skin the less wrinkles you will have later in life as long as you use sun screen and do a microderm treatment once a month.

Watch the video below

Everyday Skin Care regiment for your skin type


Normal Skin Care Treatment

Oily Skin Care Treatment

Dry Skin Care Treatment

Combination Skin Care Treatment

Sensitive Skin Care Treatment

To Prevent Wrinkles~ Your aging skin is like an old oak tree with lines and crevasse on the outside of the tree. When that tree is filed down you can see the young smooth tree underneath. That is exactly what a microderm treatment does to the skin. The dead skin is removed, and the young skin is revealed. The more you exfoliate the dead skin, the younger your skin will become.

Age 20 use your microderm machine- once every 3 months

Age 30 use your microderm machine- once every month, for 3 months~ then give your skin a one month break.

Age 40 use your microderm machine- once every other week, for 3 months~ then give your skin a one month break.

Age 50 and beyond use your microderm machine- every week, for 3 months~ then give your skin a one month break, and then continue for the next three months.

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For Acne Breakouts ~ use your microderm no more than once a week for acne control. After your treatment. Follow the acne care regiment link provided for you.

Use your microderm machine as needed no more than once a week. Continue using your break out products to control your acne.

WARNING!!!!!! Who can NOT get microdermabrations?

Anyone on Retin-A Must Never use the microderm machine. You must stop using Retin-A for at least 6 months before benefiting from the microderm machine. Also, if you have had any facial surgery or laser treatments you must abstain from using the microderm for at least 6 months or until your doctor clears you for treatment.

How to use your microderm machine YouTube below

FIRST  Cleanse skin ~ first thing you need to do is start off with clean, DRY skin. It’s important to use the right cleanser to prepare your skin for the procedure.

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SECOND Proper use of the microderm machine ~ in order to know how to use your machine you must watch the ENTIRE YouTube tutorial for proper instructions. You will be taught everything from how to hold your microderm to how to clean your microderm properly. Use your machine for only 10 mins each time you use your machine.           Using your machine longer could cause capillary breakage.

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You will want to get more filters for your hand held model. Get them now while you first order your machine.

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THIRD After care ~ once you have finished your 10-minute treatment, use Aloe on your skin to sooth and calm your skin. After it is dry, treat your skin.

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FOURTH MOISTURIZE Treat your skin ~ Hyaluronic acid is a lubricating fluid that’s naturally found in the skin, eyes, joints, fluid and connective tissue. Because HA has a very high capacity for holding water, it’s used in supplement, lotion, eye drop or serum form to give structure and moisture to damaged tissue.

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CLEANING SOLUTION ~ Cleanse your microderm machine. Not only the outer diamond head but also the filter. Wash with soap and water. Soak the diamond head in 70% alcohol for 20. Remove and dry it with clean cloth and put away until your next use.

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Microderm Machines for professionals~ I can remember a time (not so long ago) when these machines were so expensive and now thanks to Amazon they are very affordable for all professionals to use.

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Watch the entire YouTube to learn how to USE and CLEAN your microderm machine.

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