Breaking News: Waterproof Ideas | Swimming, Lake, Pool, Beach, Water Park

When you are in the need for waterproof ideas, you have come to the right place. Swimming at any public lake, beach, pool or even at the water park when they open back up, there are some things you don’t want getting wet, such as your phone, car keys, watch, shoes. We have found all the necessary things you will need on this site.

It might be OK to leave your umbrella and towel at the beach and it will still be there when you return. But, what about your car keys, your phone, or your money? Do you really trust the entire beach to look after your things for you while you enjoy the water? Of course these days we have social distancing, and it’s not so crowded. But we should still take precautions for our things we leave on our towel while swimming at the beach.





Running through the splash water is no problem when wearing the right water proof items.



Amusement parks can also be a fun place to get wet, providing you are dresses with water proof gear.




What are you waiting for? Check out the merch now!

With this large brimmed hat, you won’t need an umbrella to protect your head from the scorching uv-sun rays.. The adjustable tie chin strap will keep this sun/rain hat secure on your head when the breeze tries to blow you way. And it’s waterproof!

Click picture to purchase

This waterproof fitness watch also has a fitness tracker. For men women and children, it comes in many colors. Other features include:

A Multi-function Smart Watch, with a Larger Color Screen, a  Heart Rate & Sleep Monitor and a Waterproof- High-grade IP68 for a Longer Life Battery.

Click picture to purchase

Do not leave home without this really cool waterproof 9.0 X 6.7 waist strap!

They work great for tropical beach vacations, cruise excursions, water parks, water sports, and any wet travel adventure. Leaves keys and other small personal items


Comes in an array of colors.

We love this. We went into the pool with our phone and keys in the pouch and

the items DID NOT get wet at all!

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These cute ladies non-slip water shoes are perfect for the pool, beach, water parks and anywhere your feet meet water.

They come in many stylish colors including: Bright blue, navy, white, sandy rose, purple, gold and many more.

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Hate when your eyeliner washes off when you go swimming? Try using this ultra fine, smudge proof, long lasting, waterproof liner, it will last you all day.

comes in several colors- Brown, black and hunter green.

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This dark and bold, voluminous eyelash mascara  is smudge proof and long lasting. Perfect for a day in the water, or crying at a wedding

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A perfect bag to carry all of your towels and waterproof items is in a waterproof handbag.

This waterproof bag keeps your things safe with the top zipper and with the inside compartments it will keep you organized.

This must have waterproof bag comes in two colors, navy blue and coral pink.

Makes a perfect gift for sun lovers everywhere.

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