Breaking News, What You Need For An Overnight Hospital Stay During Covid

If you find yourself in the hospital for an overnight stay during Covid, you will need a few essential things to take with you. The first thing you will need is your driver’s license if you have one. The second thing the hospital asks for is your insurance card. Make sure to bring these two items with you when you go.

Before they decide which part of the hospital you need to go to, they will ask you a few questions about your symptoms. Will you be in the Covid side or the regular hospital side? When you go to the regular side of the hospital, you will still be required to wear a mask.

You won’t need to bring a mask, the hospital will supply you with a brand new mask. The hospital also supplies you with a clean gown that opens in the back, along with non-sliding slipper socks. If you are cold you can put the slippers over your own socks. If you are still cold, ask the nurses if they will bring you a warm blanket. That will always makes you feel better.

Now for the things you will need for your stay during Covid.

1. Bring a phone. Since the hospitals will not allow you visitors, you will want to keep them informed about how you are doing. Your phone will be the lifeline to the outside world so your family and friends know you are doing well.

For those who love droids, here is one everyone loves.

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2. Bring your charger cord that you can plug into the wall. You can plug this in when you you are sleeping and have a fresh battery powered cell phone when you get up.

For those who have a droid, use this charger cable.

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For those who have Apple use this charger.

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3. Bring an extra batter for your phone. You will be talking and texting with people all day long. Everyone wants to how you are.

This Highly rated, extra batter, works for both iPhone and Droid phones.

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4. If you wear reading glasses, be sure to bring those along with you also so you can read the text your family and friends are writing you.

These women’s glasses come in several reading strengths sizes and shape. They are so cute you can wear them anywhere you go.

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Reading glasses styles for men.

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2 thoughts on “Breaking News, What You Need For An Overnight Hospital Stay During Covid

  1. Cell phones are life saver now a days and especially if you’re in hospital during this time you must have phone with you to inform & to stay connected with family .


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