Breaking News, A Tip For Sun Care

Breaking News Beauty tip for your body’s sun care needs.

When I was a child a little more than a couple of years ago, my parents didn’t know how important it was to protect my fair skin. My mother parted my hair in the middle and most of the time I wore my hair in two long braids.

Fast forward 40 years and I found myself with a spot on the top of my head that wouldn’t heal. I went to my family HMO doctor and asked her what it was, but I already I had my suspicions. After a month of arguing with my doctor, to send me to a dermatologist she finally did, but only when I told her the magic words ” It’s gotten bigger!”

She sent me to a dermatologist, who confirmed what I had on my head, was in fact, a basal cell carcinoma. This dermatologist tried to remove it but couldn’t because it was already too deep. So, my Dermatologist referred me to an HMO plastic surgeon.

I had to wait four months before getting an appointment with them. I asked why I must wait so long for an appointment and their answer was, ” It’s only a basal cell.”

After the four month wait, I was admitted into the hospital to have surgery done on my “It’s only a basal cell” cancer. After the pathologist gave the “all clear,” my plastic surgeon installed seven staples into my head.

After a few weeks, my staples came out and I had about the size of a quarter bald spot on top of my head. I wore my hair in a “comb over” fashion. After having this bald spot for six months I called the plastic surgeon’s office and asked them if my hair was ever going to grow back? They said “probably,” but they didn’t have any idea when. It took about another two months for me to start seeing little shoots of hair growing from follicles that were not damaged by the surgery scar… It is a few years later and all of my hair has grown back.

For years now I have tried to stay out of the sun as much as possible. But I do want to be healthy and get my vitamin D early in the morning before the harmful Californian sun rays come out.  When I do go out into the sun, I always make sure to use an organic sun protector with zinc oxide. The reason I have chosen BEAUTY by Earth is because of the ingredients.

The sunblock’s active ingredient is, zinc oxide, supplemented with aloe vera leaf extract, vitamin E, green tea extract, and other natural ingredients that help nourish your skin as it protects. It is also a water proof, and safe to use for all skin types, including people with sensitive skin and children.

It is so important to begin a sunscreen regiment early in life for all skin types. Fair skinned people like myself are more prone to skin cancer, than people with more melanin in their skin. Apply liberally, and often. Protection is the key to healthy skin.

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For skin conditions, always go to your dermatologist.. it’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to cancer. That being said, you will need both CBD and Cannabis for many skin conditions. For medical marijuana please go to your neighborhood dispensary.

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Check out this video

I talk about how marijuana cured my basal cell skin cancer that was above my eye and how I did it.

It is 10:23 minutes long.


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