Breaking News, How To Use Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy

Breaking News Beauty for frizzy hair.

Do you have frizzy hair and would like to smooth out the curls and smooth away the frizz? If you do, this product maybe your answer. Why pay hundreds of dollars at the beauty salon, when you can do this easy procedure at home? Shhhh, don’t tell anyone, I’m going to tell you the secret of how to do it.

The average smoothing treatment last from 2-6 weeks depending on how often you wash your hair. (My clients usually get this treatment done once a month when they come in for a hair color appointment).

I am a certified Keratin Complex stylist, and these are your at home directions.

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  1.   Shampoo your hair with Keratin Complex clarifying shampoo. VERY IMPORTANT Do not use conditioner…
  2. Towel dry the hair very well to get out most of the moisture, but leave it wet.
  3.  Apply Keratin Complex evenly through out the hair with a color brush or use a sprayer bottle, and comb through the hair.
  4.  For short hair use about 1 oz. of product. Longer hair will need more.
  5. Leave on hair 20 mins.
  6. Blow dry the hair with the Keratin Complex remaining in the hair.
  7. Use the Keratin Complex flat iron using about 4 to 5 quick passes using small sections.
  8. (I usually wear cotton gloves to protect my hands from the heat). Comes in many sizes.
  9. In the first 48 hours, do not wash your hair.
  10. In the first 48 hours, after you process and flay iron your hair, do not use clips or rubber bands on your hair
  11. In the first 48 hours do not swim in a pool, (this will wash out the product).
  12. In the first 48 hours, if you accidentally get your hair wet. Now worries, just re- blow dry and flat iron your hair.
  13. In the first 48 hours, when you sleep on your hair and it gets kinked up, re- fly iron the hair.

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