Breaking News, How To Cure The Bald Head | It’s about time!!

Breaking News Beauty news. I cannot tell you how excited we are about this revolutionary treatment that we have for hair loss and the cure for the bald head. Being a hairstylist since 1977 I have been watching my men and women clients age for years, and there has never been any advice I have been able to share with them, on how to stop or regrow their hair loss… until now, it’s about time!!

This medical device is Doctor recommended and FDA approved for men and women.

If I had a teenage son with genetic hair loss in the family, I would start using this product as early as high school.

Laser hair therapy treatment is used in combination with other hair re-growing treatments… If you have hair follicles on your scalp, there is still a chance that you can help increase hair regrowth.

If you are serious about re-growing as much of your hair back as possible, follow these steps every day.

This is the reason doctors recommend this hair growth system is…. this regrowth system really works.

Restore has their own product line you may purchase if you chose to purchase that instead.

But you KNOW that Rogaine is the number one best seller for one reason… It WORKS

This Men’s system comes with everything you need including

* A foam hair growth treatment

* A hair follicle booster

* A hair exfoliater

The only thing women need to use is the foam which has the special ingredient of 5% minoxidil. You don’t need to put the foam all over your hair. Apply it only on the scalp and watch your hair regrow. This is a 4 month supply. The clinical results say that you will see visible results from 12 weeks.



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This product is meant for people who are losing their hair.

Anyone with temporal – frontal hair loss will probably not be able to grow their hair back unless their hair folic is still living.

Skipping days from the Laser and Rogaine treatment will revert your hair to your original hair loss. 

 Directions: Follow the Rogaine’s  recommendations for your treatment. After your hair is clean and treated with the Rogaine, place the Laser Hair Therapy upon your head for 25 minutes three times a week. visible results may take as little as 24 weeks. For some Laser Therapy users, even less time.

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