Everything You Need To Surf In 2021

Yesterday when we went to the ocean, and noticed the ocean had a calm surf and yet there were surfers out surfing the tiny waves. How can people surf those tiny waves? We thought the surf was too small. But they rode the waves into shore anyway. You could see they had been surfing for years. One of the friendly surfers let us film him catching small waves. Check out the video at the bottom of this article for a fun short surfing video.

As your beauty advisor, we recommend these surfing products.

Everything You Need To Surf In 2021

What does one need for suffering the waves? Not much. A lot of patients and the right wave to catch, right? Well, actually yes and no. We have chosen some pretty cool items for you to hang ten with.

Surfing Accessories

An easy way to carry your gear and board is with a surfing backpack.

Hitch up your board and away you go.

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Surfing Socks

The first thing you will need to put into your back pack to take surfing is water socks.

This comes in many colors and patterns.

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Men’s Wet Suit

When you are looking for the best men’s wet suit,

we think you will want to purchase this one.

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Women’s Wet Suit

For women’s wet suites we think this is the best for her.

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Shark Band

With this new shark band that repel sharks and rays, there is no more fear in the waters.

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Dry Pouch

Surfers and every simmer needs this.

We use ours a lot and love it.

The pouch really does keep everything you put into it dry.

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Swimming Goggles

Here is another thing you didn’t know you needed for surfing.

Anti-fog swimming goggles.

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Boogie Board

Let’s begin with a boogie board to catch a wave and ride it into shore.

This is the one my whole family uses.

It has an adjustable wrist strap leash and is light weigh,

easy to carry to the beach.

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Short Surf Board

When it comes to surf boards, you will need the board that fits your style and surfing experience.

The short boards are better for tricks and the long ones are better for cruising.

Here we start you off with a 6′ beginning surf board.

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Long Surf Board

Cruise in style catching the waves with this 8′ easy to handle, long board.

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Paddle Board

Looking for a light weight stand up 17.5 lb paddle board to use on the lake, river or ocean?

We have it for you right here.

Comes with a leash, paddle, water proof bag and a hand pump.

Click picture to see price

Surfboard Wax

When it comes to surfboard wax we have the one we think you will like the best.

Click picture to see price

Surfer/ Suba Dry Bag

A surfer’s changing mat keeps sand and dirt from sticking to your feet.

Click picture to see price

Display Your Board

You’re going to need a place to store your surfboard to keep it safe.

What better way than a display rack.

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