Breaking News, Achieving The Perfect Eyebrows

When I went to beauty college, the teacher taught us how to achieve the perfect eyebrows. The first thing we learned that I thought was a funny saying was… You pluck a chicken, you tweeze eyebrows. Hahaha.

In this blog today, I’m going to show you some really bad eyebrow disasters, on a video I made for you at the bottom of this blog. I will tell you why these eyebrows are not done right and what they need to do to correct them. Some of these eyebrows are in desperate need of help and some have been over tweezed to the point where they will never grow back and can not be repaired without tattooing.

I suggest for your very first eyebrow arch, you visit your local aesthetician and have them show you how your eyebrows should be done. Everyone’s brows are different, they are trained to give you an individual look for your special look.

After your visit to your aesthetician, you can keep up your perfect eyebrows with the tweezers that the professionals use in their salons. I have tried many brands of tweezers and have found these tweezers to be the best. Tweezerman tweezers are virtually painless when used correctly.

These tweezers are extremely accurate and have a firm grip on the brow, so they don’t slip through your tweezers. They come in different colors, so you can buy one for everyone in the household and they can have their own color.

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I actually prefer the larger tweezers when I work on client’s eyebrows.

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Many people have brows that are long and need to be trimmed in some areas. The brow brush and scissor is a must for most people.

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Wow, look what I just found. I love this mirror. I’m going to get one for myself too, to do my own brows!!!

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