Breaking News, Fire In The Store, Run!

When there is a fire in your store, there is no time to think, RUN as quickly as you can to the nearest exit. But that’s not what this store told us to do. This store calmly asked all people in the store to finish up their shopping and come to the check stand. I was really surprised. I thought they would tell everyone to leave.

They didn’t let any other shoppers in and they only gave us one exit to leave with our food purchases we made. It didn’t take us long to get out the door, where we saw a huge firetruck stopped in the front of the building. The firetruck was empty.

Take a look below at the short fire video at the bottom of this website. You can see the sprinklers spewing out their water. It was time to let the firefighters to do their work.

Next time there is a fire at a store, come prepared to run as fast as you can to clear the store. Here are some fast shoes that will help you do that.

These men’s shoes will get you out of any tight spots. They come in many different colors to choose from.

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This men’s light weight shoe is a favorite for runners. Pick one up in several different colors.

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Try these super comfortable running shoes when she really need to get out and away.

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When you’re looking for a gel running shoes, this might be the exact one for you.

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2 thoughts on “Breaking News, Fire In The Store, Run!

    1. You can see at the tip on the left side of the video that the sprinklers were spewing water all over the place. What a big job to clean all that water up.
      They bake bread in that area and roast chicken. I wonder which oven had a problem for them.

      Liked by 1 person

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