How To Build A Sandcastle In 2021

It is a simple as 1,2,3, how to build a sandcastle with your pail, shovel, and a few other secret ingredients. Watch the short video down below for exact directions from a young pro who loves to show you how to build your sandcastle.

As your beauty advisor, we bring you memories of youth that flash before your eyes when helping someone young build their perfect sandcastle. We bring you a fun memory from days gone by.

Basics Sand Castle Building

First- You need sand, water, and some digging tools.

Your sand needs to be wet to work with it, therefore you need to add water to your grains of sand, so it sticks together as you carve your details into it. Turn your flimsy sand into a strong structure.

Make solid clumps by packing down your sand. You can do this by molding it together in your hand as you lay it on the sand using a lot of water as you build your sandcastle.

Second- Give your castle a mott by creating a drainage ditch around the castle. Put more water around the castle to see how the water will drain. You can also add a few rocks into the mott to give it stability.

Digging tools

Your sand toy set comes with-

  1. A bucket – To carry your water, of course you need a bucket. That is the most important component to your sandcastle build. You can mix your sand in your bucket lay it on your creation and then go again and get more water.
  2. The shovel – You get 2 shovels. Your shovel should be light weight with a long handle for some significant digging. The shovel is important to dig your mott around your castle.
  3. Rakes- 3 rakes come with your supplies. You can rake and smooth the outside soft sand to make your sandcastle stand out.
Your supplies also include sand molds to decorate your castle:
  1. Boat design- Can enhance the outer part of the castle. Pirates might be lurking in those boats so get ready for batting them.
  2. Starfish- these sea creatures will protect your castles from invaders.
  3. A duck- is for making a lot of quacking noises. Invaders thing they are sneaky trying to ruin your castle, but the quaking noise will let them know how is in charge.
  4. Seashell- put some seashells onto the bottom of your castle just like a real medieval castle will have.
  5. Turtle – is your lookout protector. He is so slow all he can do is distract your invader.
  6. Sea horse- is super-fast and will come quickly to your rescue.
  7. Octopus- Has 8 legs to defend the strong castle you have built. The enemy has no chance until you decide that it is time to let your enemy destroy your work.


This highly valued sandcastle building kit is all anyone would ever need. Get yourself over to any coastal beach and begin your memories.

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