Start A New Home Spray Tanning Company

During Covid you may think it’s hard to start a new business, but not in the beauty field. You don’t need a license to start your own spray tanning company. All you need is a place. You can even do it outdoors.

As your beauty adviser, we can recommend this type of work. We worked in a spa where we did spray tanning all day long. It’s easy and fun to do.

Start A New Home Spray Tanning Company

These are the directions.

When you book the appointment~ Have clients bring an old bathing suit with them. While they change into their suit, you can set up the sprayer. If they don’t have an old bathing suit, no problem you can charge them a small amount and supply them with a disposable top and bra. Since there will be spay tanning solution on the disposable suit, they can throw it into the trash the second time they come back in an hour. But we’ll talk about that more in the directions.

Next ~ Have them step into the spray booth bare footed. We never spray the inside of the hands or the bottom of the feet.

Now~ First, lightly spray the client to get an even spray. Second, have the client lift one arm at a time to spray the top and bottom of the arm. Have them position themselves into a little squat to get their inner thighs. When you finish with the front, have them slowly turn so you can get their side and then finish them with spraying the back side.

There is a detailed video to watch at the Refill Spay Tanning Solution below. Check that our before buying your first product.

That’s it. That’s how easy it is to spray tan.

The more clients you do, the quicker you learn how to finish clients quickly.

The way we charge them in a spa is this-

First spray is the highest-

the client must come back for the second spray which is included in the price. ( If they don’t come back, they forfeit the second tan).

The gloves you wear are always included in the price of the spray tanning and so is the cap.

Come back the next day for a darker look, charge less.

If they come back daily charge even less.

and of course charge them for the extras below

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Here is what you need for your new business

The Business

All The Supplies You Need

The airbrush, tent and products are included, along with their directions how to use their product.

Follow the manufactures directions on how to use their products.

Keep the smaller bottles and refill them with the larger bottle of products.

Click picture to see price

Refill Spay Tanning Solution / Check Out the Video

As word spreads about your new business, you will need to get a lot more product.

This is all your business will need after the initial setup cost.

Come back to this site and we will have the latest available products on the market.

Click picture to see price


Being a professional sprayer,

you will need gloves to keep from getting any residual spray on yourself.

100 count, can be used on only one hand while spraying.

Click picture to see price

Disposable Bra

When your clients do not have an old swim suit.

You can sell them their own disposable one.. they can wear it each time they come.

50 count, adjustable closure.

Click picture to see price

Disposable Bikini

 Bikini bottom for a really good tan line.

100 Pcs, Individually packaged.


Click picture to see price


And a cap to protect their hair.

110 count caps.

Click picture to see price


For more beauty products use this link

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2 thoughts on “Start A New Home Spray Tanning Company

    1. Spray tanning is a great alternative to going out tanning. I am really into anti-aging. The sun’s harmful rays causes wrinkles. I have even seen people with leathery skin over tan themselves.
      My little sister used to go tanning on those sunbeds which people now know cause cancer. She used to go so many times that her skin became wrinkled at a very young age.
      That’s when she finally stopped and began spray tanning.

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