What’s New About Manscaping?

That’s right, we are talking about whats new in manscaping. Women love to talk about it and it is time we talk to our man about it too. Honey, it is time for a little manscaping in just the right places!

What is manscpaing?

To clarify,



  1. for instance, the removal or trimming of hair on a man’s body for cosmetic effect.
    “Say what you will about manscaping—the woolly mammoth died out for a reason.”

As your beauty advisor, let’s talk about what manscaping is. All Electric Trimmers are not made for manscaping your Family Jewels. In addition, some

shavers bite and pinch, so it’s important to buy just the right one for that sensitive area you will be grooming. However, we have found just the right tool for you.


Get Manscaped Today!

In short, we are talking about above the waist and below. This shaver is waterproof so you can take it with you in the shower and take it all off with the nice warm water running.

Most importanly, for Proper manscaping, it requires precision tools. Heavy duty blades that will cut through coarse or thick hair without any pulling, cuts, nicks or tugging. Certainly, his shaver should also features ultra-quiet, low vibration.

Manscaped Tool
This shaver is called The Lawnmower

Fistly, it is cordless and easily rechargeable on it’s rapid charger.

The Manscaped trimmer will last a full 90 minutes before needing to be recharged or during the grooming!

This shaver is the newest trimmer for below the waist trimming and it’s ready to use.


Click picture to see price


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