Says Yes | Dandruff Can Be Contagious

Breaking News Beauty says yes, dandruff flakes can be contagious. Everything we have read says no dandruff is not contagious. We say that is a myth. “Microbes that can lead to dandruff are present on everyone’s scalps and are not transferred from person to person.”

As your beauty advisor we ask the question, so why is it that some have flakes and some do not? Would you risk sharing your hair brush with someone who has a flaky head now that you know you can get it from a friend, relative or a stranger? 

Some say it is caused by dry hair, while others say oily hair causes those annoying flakes. The truth is no one knows what causes our head to flake. The only thing we do know for sure is that it has to be treated. There are several different specialized shampoos out on the market some of them work and some of them don’t.

Dandruff Can Be Contagious

We have tried many different products for dandruff since we started doing hair in 1977. Our personal favorite anti flaky shampoo that we use on our clients hair with dandruff is Biolage anti dandruff shampoo by Matrix. Why is this our favorite you may ask? Because it works. If you know someone who is suffering with dandruff we suggest as your beauty advisor, using this product on their hair will work.

Directions~ wash your hair with Biolage anti dandruff shampoo then rinse.

Wash your hair again, with Biolage with the same shampoo and leave it on for 5 mins. and then rise well.

Dandruff Shampoo

Most of the time we tell people, “You don’t need to wash your hair twice,” except, when you have flakes or very oily hair.

If you hair is really oily, you may need a third wash.

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Get the pump for this size shampoo. You will be happy you did.

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4 thoughts on “Says Yes | Dandruff Can Be Contagious

      1. Then you are safe.

        I always advise my clients to use a really good dandruff shampoo.
        Most of the dandruff shampoos smell horrible.
        You can smell people from a mile away that they have dandruff from the shampoo they use.
        The one on this page is a professional line,
        It keeps dandruff under control, it works well and smells really nice.

        Liked by 2 people

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