Breaking News, How To Take Care Of Acne, Pimples and Breakouts

Acne, pimples and breakouts can be devastating for young adults. We have been doing skin care for so many years, and have seen the products have change regarding what works best and what doesn’t. We used to use harsh chemicals to dry up the skin, and that left teenagers and adults with very dry painful skin. In today’s world things have changed. New, better products have come on the market to fight the battle of “Acne.”

Most breakouts in young teens are because of their raging hormones at this time.

99% of young people’s breakouts are genetic, meaning if one of their parents have had breakouts in their life, the teen may get breakouts. If both parents have had breakouts, the teen is almost always going to have breakouts. But not always. For instance, in my family, both of my parents had breakouts and only 3 out of the 5 children suffered with breakouts, some worse than others. Because the breakouts source is internal, each person’s hormones are unique to their own DNA.

In this article today, we will not only advise you on what products you need to purchase, but also how to use it.

Information about sulfur for acne~ Sulfur will clean out the inflamed breakouts.

Information about salicylic for acne~ Salicylic will heal the inflamed breakouts.

Warning: Do not use any Salicylic products while pregnant or trying to get pregnant.

This Sulfur & Salicylic Acid bar may be used while washing your face in the morning or while taking a shower. The bar may be used all over your body, anywhere you or your teenager breaks out.

Soak the bar for 5 second in water, was your face and body and rinse well.

Use twice daily. If your skin becomes dry, use less often.

Everyone’s skin is different. Your skin will let you know how often it will tolerate the healing bar.

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Use Dr. Berry’s Sulfur Cream right after you wash your face with the sulfur/salicylic bar we have recommended.

Apply the sulfur cream only in the broken out areas of the skin.

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