How To Bring Relief To Feet With Orthotics

Breaking news beauty brings you doctor recommended orthotics for your sore feet. The last time we went to my orthopedic doctor for our chronic plantar fasciitis we asked him what we could do for our sore, painfully tired, feet.

As your beauty advisor we will share with you what the doctor said, ” What size are you feet? Hold on I’ll be right back.” In a flash he came back with these exact inserts he brought us (only he charged us a lot more money for the orthotics). He cut off a small piece of the tip to make it fit just right in the shoes, then took out the old insoles we had in the shoes and replaced them with the new inserts. “Try this,” he said with a smile. We got up from the examination table and walked on my feet, lo and behold it worked. Wow! It was that quick, we felt the difference, between having an insert or not. Our feet feel human again!

Update: Since wearing these orthotic insoles, our feet feel normal again. We can now walk for miles and have no problems with our feet.

How To Bring Relief To Feet With Orthotics

This Orthotic Is Called SUPERfeet

The color of the insert our doctor gave to us were green.

There are other colors you may want to try. .

It’s a great name for a great product.

Give this product a try if you need help with your feet.

Click picture to see price


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