How To Find The Best Baby SWING

It is not always easy to find the best baby swing if you have not had a baby before. There are many swings to choose from.

As your beauty advisor, we know your baby loves movement when you carry them and when you put them into a baby swing. Your baby not only stops fussing when you feed them, hold them and walk them, but they also calm down when they are tired and can’t sleep so you put  your baby into a baby swing.

Baby Swing

When baby swings first were introduces, they looked like a playground swing. We would put our children in the swing with a carrier that fit on top of the swing. Then we would crank the top where they had a cranking handle, around and around we would wind. It would make a lot of noise. Babies would fall asleep for a little bit, but the noise would eventually wake them up with the clank, clank, clanking sound.

Not anymore, those days are over. The swings you lucky new parents have now are modern and quiet. Some of them play soft music to lull your baby to sleep.


We have found some nice baby swings for you to check out.

4moms brand
  • This swings for babies from birth to 25 pounds.
  • No batteries are required because of the AC adapter.
  • Adjustable recliner with a removable fabric for seat.
  • The fabric is machine washable.
  • Has built in sounds.
  • 5 speed and motion.
This top of the line swing has it all.

Sounds, adjustable seat, different speeds, does not need batteries and it’s blue tooth,

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Graco Brand
  • This swing is for babies from 5 pounds to 30 pounds.
  • Takes 5 D batteries.
  • Gently sways baby in a side-to-side soothing motion.
  • 6 speeds to choose from.
  • Supports baby with its deep seat.
  • 2 speed pulsation.
  • Battery life is 4 hours with rechargeable batteries.
  • Wipe to spot clean.
This swing is very cool.

The swing has a gentle swinging motion to comfort and sooth your baby.

Click picture to see price

  • The weight is only 4 kilos or about 18 pounds.
  • This swing is for babies from 0 pounds to 36 pounds.
  • Has 6 speeds.
  • 3 timer settings.
  • 16 melodies.
  • Easy assembly without tools.
  • Has two removable plush toys.
  • Reclines into two positions.
  • Machine washable.
  • Can be used at home or for travel.
Travel baby swing.

The swing is small enough to take anywhere.

Click picture to see price

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