Think Board Shorts are Just For Guys?

Did you think board shorts are just for guys? Absolutely not! Take a look at this classy beach wear bottoms. We have a couple of pairs of women’s bottoms that we love wearing to the pool or on the beach. After we are finished swimming, we can easily run into the local stores in the area and go shopping.

As your beauty advisor, we would love to share with you information about these very cool bottom wear. Board shorts are just like normal shorts, except for the fact you can also swim in them. Some girls wear them over their bikini while others wear only the shorts. We suggest wearing undies under them that will quickly dry. The nice thing about them is, you can wear a really nice bathing suit top or a bikini top. Which ever you prefer, and it doesn’t have to be matchy, matchy. We will show you an example of what we mean blow.

Board Shorts For The Ladies

With Pockets

We love these the most because they have a nice pocket on the side.

Many women’s board shorts don’t have any pockets at all.

So we would pick this one over ones without pockets.

Click picture to purchase

Hip Huggers

This board short has pockets and hugs the hips. Comes in more styles, lengths and colors.

Click picture to purchase

Top Not Included

Just the board shorts are included in the price.

Click picture to purchase

Top To Wear With Bottoms

This suit is sold as a top or as a whole bathing suit that you can wear your board shorts over.

The shape of the top will give you a nice tan.

Click picture to purchase

Bikini Top

Or you can wear a really cute bikini top with your board shorts.

This bikini top comes in a few different sizes and colors.

Click picture to purchase


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