Still Top Curling Iron In 2021

When it comes to the choice of top curling irons on the market, it has to be hands down… the Hot Tools iron. Let’s take a look at why this is.

As your beauty advisor, we can tell you that in all the salons we have worked at, all top stylists use the Hot Tools curling iron. They may cost a little more than a curling irons from a department store, but you almost never have to replace them if you properly take care of them by not dropping them.  Most senior stylist, use the Marcel iron, which is the iron without the spring.

Hot Tools

When working on other people’s hair, the stylist will have more control with the Marcel. This type of iron has a little switch by the rod, allowing stylist to unlock the handle, making the iron flow smoother in the hand, producing a faster and easier to way to develop a curl.

The tool has a powerful heating capacity, allowing reduced styling time on the hair to improved cuticle closure. We have used Hot Tools for our entire career and have only had to replace them every few years. This tells you that they are durable and long lasting.

For non-professional users

Hot Tool makes an easy to use spring handle.

We just watched a show on TV and saw a star using this very same Hot Tools on her hair. All you can do is cringe when you see someone leaving the curing iron on the hair for a long amount of time. We must tell you, this curling iron is for professionals. The reason for the name, Hot Tools is because this curling iron is extremely HOT.

This curling iron should only stay on your hair for a few seconds. If you need to repeat using the iron in one spot, do so, but do not leave it on your hair. It will damage your hair by scorching it leaving your hair full of split ends. If you are the type of person who needs to leave a curling iron on your hair for a long amount of time. Hot Tools has a lowering adjusting setting. You can leave the iron on your hair for a longer amount of time, as long as the setting is lowered.

Curling Iron

The Hot Tool curling iron comes in different size barrels.

For bigger curls, choose a bigger size iron.

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