Create A Professional Beauty Salon At Home

When opening up a professional beauty salon at home or having a mobile salon the most important thing is to be tooled up. Is it time to start thinking about creating your own salon at home? With many of the governors in each state not allowing stylist to work in a beauty salon, it might be time to start taking your clients home or doing their hair in their own homes using mobile equipment.

As your beauty advisor, we would like to share with you that there are many stylists who have already have been doing hair at home, but still need better equipment to make it easier to do clients hair. To  start a mobile service, transporting your equipment to service in the client’s home, you will also need mobile tools to make your job easier.

Imagine what kind of a car you could drive


you were not paying for weekly rent at a beauty salon.

We will give you many products that you will need to do a home salon. Or mobile salon.


  •  Carrying case with wheels
  •  Floor covering
  •  Portable chair
  •  Portable mirror
  •  Working table
  •  Portable inflatable hair washing basin


Carrying Case

Store everything you need on the inside of the carrying case while carrying it to their home.

You can also fit your chair and your working table in the middle.

Anything that doesn’t fit can easily fit in an extra bag such as cape and floor covering.

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Protection for Floors

Floor covering for mobile clients to help protect them from unwanted hair or accidental color spillage.

This heavy duty shower curtain works perfectly on the ground to collect the hair without needing to sweep.

Take the hair with you and dispose it at your own home.

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Chair for Hair

This light weight portable chair, soft enough for clients to sit on while you cut and color their hair.

Fits very nicely in the trunk for mobile clients.

Easily folds flat.

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Home Salon Mirror

This mirror would be perfect to use at home.

We wouldn’t recommend using this one for mobile.

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Washing Hair

The portable hair washing basin.

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Color Tray

This tray fits perfectly in your trunk for mobile clients.

At home you can fold it away when not in use.

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4 thoughts on “Create A Professional Beauty Salon At Home

    1. Thanks to Covid, many countries have stopped stylists from working, even though NO stylist ever passed Covid to their clients. Stylists and their clients need each other to survive. I wanted to let them know there is an alternative to not working and there are tools out there to help stylist do this.

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