Smooth Hair Clipper Cuts For Styles In 2022

For Smooth clipper cuts many stylists choose Wahl clipper for hair cuts, when they work in the high fashion industry in the 2021s.

Wahl clippers can be used for hair and beard trims using various blade guard sizes. The Wahl hair clipper is a must-have tool for all busy barbers, hairstylist and even dog groomers!

As beauty adviser, clients ask us what color guard they should use. We let them know that a regular little boy clipper cut is usually a #4 on the bottom. They ask us what’s the difference between a #3 and # 4. we tell them about a week.

Clipper Cuts

Your clippering skills will benefit from the color-coded guide attachments.

If you use a #4 all over the head, that would be considered a buzz cut. The way we learned how to use clippers was this…

Start with the larger guards on top at first and then blend down with lower number blade attachments and you can never go wrong. Works for us every time.

The attachments are color coded for the size. These clippers make great gifts for anyone who want to do their own hair or the hair of their client.

Wahl clippers.

You can do professional looking clipper cuts with Wahl clippers today.

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Andis Neck Trimmers

When it comes to neck and ear clippers never use a regular Walh clippers.

Instead always use The Andis T clippers.

There are cheaper Andis neck trimmers on the market, but we find when we buy the better clippers they last longer and don’t bite our clients.

We always finish off our haircuts with trimming the ears, eyebrows, and side burns.

You can also do some snazzy finishing shapes with the Andis.

We always keep Andis on the charger until it’s time to use them, then we use it cordless.

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