How To Take Care Of A Man’s Thick Hair

The best way to take care of a man’s thick hair is to use the right product. Men, taking care of your thick hair can be a challenge. But it doesn’t have to be. One of our dearest friends lives on the other side of the world. We met him about 5 years ago on Facebook when he could hardly speak two words of English. He was only a teenager then, but his sweet smile and laughter won us over. He needed help with his English and desperately wanted to learn. Through the years, he took English at his hometown university and began speaking and texting much better than he first started. He wanted to become an English professor himself.

Taking Care Of Your Thick Hair

In the meantime, he became a very popular DJ at his local radio station. He shared one thing in common, we all wanted to become YouTube stars. It was a race to see who would get their 4 thousand view hours and 1 thousand subscribers first. For him it was easy. He had all of Pakistan listening to him broadcast his radio shows. We had 3 people we knew, asking them to subscribe to my channel.

Getting view hours was easy for us. We had discovered, that if you make very long videos this will help your view hours raise quickly. With that we made 3 ten-hour videos and beat our friend Niaz to end. We tried to get monetized but couldn’t because YouTube told us, we were already monetized with a website we don’t own. And there is no one at YouTube you can contact about this, so that is why we started blogging again. Finally, our friend Niaz finished and became a YouTube star. His numbers have jumped very quickly with his popular YouTube ideas.

As your beauty advisor, one of the things we noticed first about Niaz is the thick hair he has. He always keeps it very nicely styled. Men, if you would like to keep your hair as nicely styled as Niaz, here is the only  product that helps smooth Niaz’s thick hair.

Salon quality volume shampoo, smooth as silk, one of the best shampoos on the market.

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