27,000 Hairstylists Favorite Deep Conditioner

Over 27,000 hairstylists all over the country were asked, “What is your favorite deep conditioner treatment?” They answered and chose the Olaplex system as their number one favorite. Here are some other favorites that were chosen.

Hairstylists Favorite Deep Conditioning Treatment

In second place was b3 by Brazilian Bond Builder.

Another favorite was Sebastian with Argon oil mixed together.

As a beauty advisor, we have been asked by many of our friends and clients, “what is your favorite all-time favorite deep conditioning treatment?” Our answer is always this, we like to use natural and organic products for our clients and ourselves. We have been in business for over 40 years and finally the hair industry has great products on the market with great ingredients. So, if you love organic and natural ingredients as much as we do, you will love the O&M product line.

#1 Choice~ Olaplex

When used twice a week, Olaplex 3 conditioning hair protector strengthens the elasticity in your hair from perms, colors, and highlights.

For everyday use Olaplex 5 maintains incredible manageability and shine.

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#2 Choice~ b3

Will instantly restore and protect your hair by restoring softness. B3 repairs the bonds in your chemically treated hair.

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#3 Choice~Sebastian Drench & Penetraitt and Argon oil

One stylist says she has very dry hair, it gets very static as well.

She washes her hair, then mixes equal parts of Sebastian drench deep conditioner with Sebastian Penetraitt with a small amount of Argan oil,

puts on a processing cap and goes under a salon drier for 30-45 mins then rinses it out.

It leaves her hair smooth, shiny, with no static for weeks.

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#4 Choice~ Mother Nature’s Organic Argan Oil

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Our #1 Deep Conditioning Treatment is O&M Original Mineral with organic ingredients

O&M conditioning treatment has native Australian blended oils of macadamia seed and cold-pressed argon that is certified organic. These oils boost the power of O&M to

repair damaged, chemically treated hair. The vanilla bean gives this deep conditioner its sweet smell. Even though this is a masque, I like to use a small amount every day to leave my hair luxurious, silky, and healthy.

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