Breaking News: How To Treat Hair Loss Without Surgery

Finally, a new treatment for hair loss without surgery, the hair industry has been waiting for.

Each strand of hair on a persons’ head has a life cycle of between two to six years before falling out and being exchanged for a brand-new hair.

An older individual tends to lose more hair then they grow back. They first notice hair loss in the shower or when they comb their hair. If they have more than four or five hairs in their hands, they may have an issue.

As a beauty advisor, we are excited about this revolutionary new treatment we can recommend for our clients to help stop hair loss and regrow hair.

The iRestore medical device is Doctor recommended, and FDA approved for men and women to stop losing their hair, treating alopecia (hair loss).

Genetics play the biggest factor for hair loss. If I had a teenage son or daughter with genetic hair loss in the family, I would start using the iRestore cap as early as their late teen years, at least once a week. Do not wait for hair loss to begin to take your child’s hair away from them.

Step 1.  For women and men with long hair- Cleanse and condition hair ends.                             (Do not allow conditioner on the scalp).


Step 1. For men– with short hair, skip the conditioner, use only the shampoo.


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If you are serious about re-growing as much of your hair back as possible, follow these steps every day.

Doctors recommend this hair growth system above all others.

Rogaine is the number one best seller for one reason… It WORKS!

Step 2. For men- Use as directed on box.

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Step 2. For women- Use as directed on box.

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Step 3. For men and women-

Laser hair therapy treatment is used in combination with the hair re-growing treatments we offer… If you have hair follicles on your scalp, there is still a chance that you can help increase hair regrowth.

Clinical results say that you will see visible results from 24 weeks with daily use of Restore three times a week, combined with Rogaine daily.

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These products are meant for people who are losing their hair.

Anyone with temporal – frontal hair loss will probably not be able to grow their hair back unless their hair folic is still living.

Skipping days from the Laser and Rogaine treatment will revert your hair to your original hair loss.

Directions: Follow the Rogaine’s recommendations for your treatment. After your hair is clean and treated with the Rogaine, place the Laser Hair Therapy upon your head for 25 minutes three times a week. visible results may take as little as 24 weeks. For some Laser Therapy users, even less time.

A recent study by university of Arizona has produced surprising information about the new trend toward hair loss which many nations are now experiencing. Data from the study lists several likely causes of the main possibilities. Increased stress levels, air pollution, poor nutrition from processed foods, hormonal impact, and genetics.

Much of the report focuses on the negative impact hair loss can have on the social life and professional prospects of the male and female in society. The study has shown, people who suffer from hair loss are three times more likely to also suffer from illnesses or lifestyle challenges associated with acute stress and low self-esteem.

The time to begin change is now!

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