How To Use iRestore Laser Hair Re-Growth Treatment

With the new hair re-growth treatment, we show you how to use your FDA cleared iRestore laser system to help regrow your hair. Currently licensed in the hair professionals are extremely excited about this new hair regrowth hair loss treatment. We are asking the important question, could this be the cure for baldness for our future generations?

 Help For Hair Loss

As your licensed beauty advisor, we are excited about this revolutionary, natural hair loss treatment that we can strongly recommend for our clients and you to help stop hair loss and achieve hair re-growth  with the iRestore. Let’s celebrate by gifting our loved ones with more hair this year.

Hair loss is so stressful to those who suffer from this problem. 

The medical device, the iRestore is doctor recommended, and FDA cleared for men and women to stop losing their hair, treating alopecia (hair loss).

An important fact to keep in mind is that genetics play the biggest factor for hair loss. It would be wise if you have a teenage child with genetic hair loss in the family, to start using the cap as early as their hair begins to start falling out, which could be in their late teen years (18 and over). As your beauty advisor, we advise not waiting until hair loss becomes noticeable; the hair restoring device works more quickly on hair cells that have not been dormant for a long period of time.

Do not wait for hair loss to take your child’s hair away from them. Gift them with hair re-growth. Begin using the iRestore now!


This hair regrowth system will make a perfect gift

for yourself or your favorite person.

Remember to shop early to avoid the rush for this product.

Cleansing The Hair


Step 1.  For women and men with long hair– Cleanse and condition hair ends.                             (Do not allow conditioner on the scalp).

Step 1. For women and men with short hair– with short hair, skip the conditioner, use only the shampoo.

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shampoo and conditioner

Click picture for more information shampoo only

If you are serious about re-growing as much of your hair back as possible, follow these steps every day.

Help For Hair loss

Step 2. For men– Use Rogaine as directed on box.

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Step 2. For women– Use as directed on box.

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Laser Hair Therapy

Step 3. For men and women

Use this iRestore laser hair therapy treatment in combination with the hair re-growing treatments we offer and see the difference in your hair regrowth… If you have live hair follicles on your scalp, there is still a chance that you can help increase hair regrowth with the iRestore.

Clinical results say that you will see visible results from 24 weeks with daily use of hair restorer every other day, combined with Rogaine daily.

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These products are meant for people who are loosing their hair.

Anyone with temporal- frontal hair loss will probably not be able to regrow their hair unless their folic is still living. 

Skipping days from the iRestore laser hair therapy treatment, will revert your hair back to it’s original condition.

Not recommended for anyone under age 18.


Follow the Rogaine’s recommendations for your treatment. After your hair is clean and treated with the Rogaine, place the iRestore Laser Hair Therapy upon your head for 25 minutes every other day. Use only as directed, over stimulation of hair follicles may be detrimental to hair restoration process. Visible results may take as little as 24 weeks. For some Laser Therapy users, even less time.

In addition to these treatments, include a daily gentle scalp massage to stimulate blood flow and wear a loosely fitting hat to protect hair and scalp from sun damage.

The time to begin change is now!

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