How To DIY Your Eyelash Tinting

When it comes to doing your own eyelash tinting, being a professional licensed aesthetician, and your beauty advisor we have been educated in which brand to safely apply to your eyelashes. Shhhhh… do not let your aesthetician know, that you know about this.

DIY Your Eyelash Tinting

NEVER, NEVER use hair dye!!

Instead use the eyelash tinting brand professionals all over the world use.

As your beauty advisor, we have seen YouTubers recommend using hair dye to color your own lashes. Please don’t listen to children who don’t know what they are talking about. They are just there to push their numbers higher on their YouTube channels. You can actually go blind from using hair dye on your lashes. YouTubers have no liabilities in what they recommend.

Note  * Eyelash tinting with not lengthen or thicken your own lashes, but they will color them and make them very noticeable.

Today we will teach you how to apply this safe, professional brand to your own eyes.

First- (very important)

make sure to clean all makeup off eyes, including mascara with this makeup remover using a cotton ball.

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Next- (very important)

place eye stencils under lashes to make sure the product does not stain your skin. (It will stain without using stencils under your lashes).

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All other products needed to do a lash tint

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Refil  has several different colors



Do this in front of a sink with cotton balls close at hand.

Make sure to have a timer ready. Pre-set the timer to 25 minutes before you start applying color to your lashes.

Mix a small amount lash tint with a few drops of developer.

Mix it with a toothpick.

Apply to your lower lashes first, as if you are putting on mascara, then close your eyes and apply them to your upper lashes. First on top then underneath.

Remain with your eyes closed, until the timer dings, turn on cold faucet…wash product off with wet cotton balls.

*Keep your head looking down, a little burning feel is normal, nothing to worry about, the product is very safe and gentle to your eyes.

That’s it… You have now tinted your own eyelashes. You may tint your own eyelashes every three weeks.

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