Shopping for Chunky | Boots, Shoes

If you are shopping for chunky shoes or boots, These new styles have just arrive and we have them now. Change the laces to fit your own style. Pink ribbon, blue or maybe purple fits your personality.


Check out these stylish Chunkys. They are fun to wear and easy on the feet and a must for short girls. We have a few chunkies we still wear from the 90s and we will always keep them. But now, with these super cute futuristic styles, it’s time to add some more.

Buy these super cute CHUNKIES now, because this is what will be in style for many years, 2023s and beyond. The chunkier the better!

These chunky shoes and boots will make a perfect holiday gifts

for yourself or your favorite person.

Remember to shop early to avoid the holiday rush.

This lace-up ankle chunky comes in several colors and sizes. The heels are 1 1/2″ and 4″ high.

Click picture for more information

The cushion above the denim keeps it soft against the ankle. The platform heel on this chunky is 2.5″  and 3.5″.

Click picture for more information

This patent-leather ankle bootie comes with a money wallet. You can hide your credit cards or your keys by easily slipping them into your shoes. No need to bring a handbag along. Check out the large variety of colors it comes in.

Click picture for more information

Looking for a high platform shoe? This is it. A lace up BAMBOO fits with its 2 inches in the front of the foot and 2.75 heel inches in the back.

Click picture for more information

How adorable would this pink chunky boot look on your feet? The 100% synthetic  platform is about 4 1/2″ high.

Click picture for more information

Don’t you love this 5 inch, O-ring, studded chunky that zips in the back for easy entry?

Click picture for more information

Super sexy, chunky boots are a favorite of ours. This thigh high boot comes in several different colors and sizes.

Click picture for more information

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