How To Give Yourself The Perfect Pedicure

Take care of your feet often as we teach you how to give yourself the perfect pedicure in 12 easy steps. Any season is the right reason to give yourselves the perfect pampering feet pedicure.

As your beauty advisor, we will teach you step by step which products to use for each step of your perfect pedicure.

When you take care of your feet, your feet will take care of you!

Imagine the wonderful gift you could give to your favorite person or yourself.

Buy your products now before there won’t be any left!

Step 1~ Remove Nail polish.

This nail polish remover will remove the toughest polishes, including UV gel,

and those dark stubborn colors that are so hard to get off.

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Use these Sky Organics cotton balls for more absorbent product placement.

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Step 2~ Clip and file your toenails.

Some people prefer to clip their toenails with round clippers, some like the straight edge. The choice is up to you.

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Double sided professional nail file.

This is what the professionals use.

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Step 3~Soak your tired, achy feet. 10 minutes.

Place your feet into this soothing bubbling foot bath and relax your cares away.

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Don’t forget to add your Mediterranean Sea Salt with Aromatherapy, Essential Oils of Chamomile, Frankincense and relaxing Lavender into your soaking water.

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Step 4~ Now is the time to begin your professional pedicure with your cuticle remover.

This is the cuticle remover salons all over the world use

because it takes the old dead cuticles off instantly.

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Cuticle pusher

Don’t forget to use professional tools

when doing your perfect pampering pedicure.

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Also, your callus remover.

Let this callus removing gel soak into your feet for 3-5 minutes.

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Foot file.

Amope electronic foot file is perfect to get rid of calluses after using your callus removing gel.

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Step 5~ Rinse feet in foot bath.

Dip your both feet in at the same time, then go to step 6

Step 6~ Himalayan Salt foot scrub

Apply a small amount to each foot and gently on the top of your feet and vigorously on the bottoms of your feet. Scrub each foot for 1 minutes

Scrub away dead skin cells.

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Step 7~ Rinse both feet and dry completely.

Use a clean, dry hand towel and completely dry.

Step 8~ Mask feet for 20 minutes.

Sore tired feet will be revitalized as the muscles relax with this cooling pedi mask.

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Step 9~ Rinse both feet and dry completely.

We think you can do this again easily.

Step 10~ Now it’s time for a little foot massage.

Slip your feet into your own personal foot massager with heat.

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Step 11~ Apply your nail strengthener.

Onyx nail strengthening cream will keep your nails hard as hoofs.

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Step 12~ Organic Nail Polish.

As your beauty advisor we recommend using organic nail polish products.

This product is 100% safe and comes in many colors.

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