New Powerful Gripping Spa Bath Pillow

Are you still using bath towels in place of a spa bath pillow under your head when taking your bath? It’s time to use those towels for what they were meant to be used for, drying off.

As beauty advisors, we have found the most powerful gripping pillow for you. It securely attaches onto your bathtub. The spa bath pillow itself is soft, with two inches of foam padding, and yet designed to support your neck and shoulders while you spa bathe yourself into bliss.

Spa Bath Pillow

This powerful spa bath pillow is easy to install and easy to use. Your neck will feel the comfort and support of this bath pillow the first time you use it. Your body will begin to relax in the surrounding warm water and take away your stress. You will leave the tub refreshed, calm and ready to take on the next day.

  • The spa bath pillow has 7 powerful suction cups to help hold it in place.
  • This spa pillow will not only fit your bathtub, it may also be used in a Jacuzzi or spa.
  • The spa pillow is easy to keep clean, just wipe it down with that small dry towel.

✨The spa pillow will make a perfect  gift✨

for yourself or your favorite person.

Remember to shop early to avoid the holiday rush.

Soft, luxurious Large spa pillow is perfect for relaxing any day.

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