Best Acne Treatment For 2021

Working at an acne treatment center, you will always find at least two things used to help control acne. A facial steamer and a high frequency wand.

As your beauty advisor, we will teach you how to use both the steamer and wand in your own home to have the best acne treatment for 2021.

Using both the steamer and high frequency wand is a powerful way to treat acne, along with your products we have recommended for you.

The Nano-Ionic Facial Steamer Acne Treatment

Facial steamer has many functions to it, but we will be focusing on using it for the best acne treatment.

  1. Follow the manufacturer’s directions: add water into the steamer.
  2. Cleanse face with acne cleanser. Then apply a small layer of papaya/pineapple mask onto skin.
  3. When the steam is coming out of the steamer place your clean face close enough to the steam to feel the heat of the steam. Using essential oils on the outside of the steamers edge will help the steam smell really nice. Steam for 15 minutes.
  4. The steam has now softened your skin for extractions. Never use any devices other than your fingers. (Devices will break capillaries). Wrap a soft cloth such as tissue around both index finger and apply gentle presser on pimple. Never force a pimple to pop, this will leave scars on your face. Leave a pimple that does not pop and repeat process tomorrow.
  5. Apply acne cream to broken-out areas.

High Frequency Wand Acne Treatment

For the best acne treatment.

  1. Now it is time to use the high frequency. Plug in the glass that turns purple into your wand. Do not turn wand on yet.
  2. If you are right-handed, make sure to always keep your left index finger on the glass of the purple glass. Do not break contact from the glass while glass is on skin, this will cause a spark. The spark is not dangerous, many people use this spark on the pimple itself, to zap the pimple. We prefer no zapping unless you like the feel of the zap, it’s up to you. Turn your wand on.
  3. Slide the high frequency glass in all broken-out areas. You will be smelling the ozone that comes from the glass, it smells as fresh as a rainy day. The ozone is an antimicrobial that kills microbes, destroys germs, and helps reduce inflammation on broken-out skin. Use the wand for 10 minutes.
  4. Take glass out of wand. Clean glass head with soap and water.

The facial steamer and wand will make a perfect gift✨

for yourself or your favorite person.



We do not recommend using the pimple pushers for acne skin.

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You may use any of these essential oils while steaming face.

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Acne cleanser~ Soak the bar for 5 second in water, was your face and rinse well before steaming.

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Papaya and pineapple enzyme mask. We use this mask while steaming, for its pore softening affect.

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Apply with mask brush.

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Apply the sulfur cream to the broken-out areas of the skin, before using wand.

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For more acne information click link-

How to get beautiful skin for your skin type


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