How To Do A Soothing Paraffin Dip For Your Hands And Feet

A paraffin dip for your Hands and feet is perfect for the winter months ahead when your hands and feet are driest. Paraffin wax may also be used as a therapeutic treatment for sore muscles and arthritis any time of the year.

As your beauty advisor, I can tell you, most high-end salons have paraffin treatments for you to try during your beauty service. In our beauty salon, we also use paraffin for a dry skin facial treatment.

The first time you use a paraffin machine, it is best to follow the directions of the manufacturer since each machine is different.

When we turn on the machine, we always keep the lid on it to make the paraffin wax warm quicker. Once the paraffin has melted, it is important to keep the paraffin in a liquid state.

At Home Directions:

  • Wash hands and feet with anti-bacterial soap. Never contaminate your paraffin container.
  • Dip each hand by opening the fingers for the warm wax to surround the entire hand.
  • Dip each hand three to four times, going all the way to the bottom of the machine, with a slight pause between dips.
  • Shake off excess paraffin back into container.
  • Then place the hands or feet into a plastic bag to keep it moist and warm.
  • Place the hands or feet into an electric plastic glove and bootie for the feet. If you are doing your hands and feet at the same time do your feet first, then your hands.
  • Leave hands/ feet in the glove/bootie for 15 to 20 minutes.
  • When removing the paraffin wax, the wax will slide off easily leaving your hands and feet incredibly soft and smooth. Your muscles and joints feel happy.

Repeat daily.

* As a side note. Using paraffin can get messy. Make sure you put your paraffin on a surface that can be easily cleaned. Never use paraffin on carpet or a wood service. When we use paraffin treatments in the salon, we put it in a small plastic trash bag, so when we are finished, if there are any drips, we can easily throw away the bag.


The paraffin machine and accessories will make a perfect holiday gift✨

for yourself or your favorite person.

Remember to shop early to avoid the holiday rush.


We love this machine because of it’s size. It will fit your hands and feet into it perfectly.

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If you have any kind of allergies please use this unscented paraffin wax. You can add a few drops of your favorite aroma therapy into the wax when it has liquefied.

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This step is important- use hand/ feet liners to keep your mitt and booties clean. Dispose after each use.

Click picture for more information

To give yourself the best treatment, always use these electric hand mitts and booties. I chose these mitt and booties because of the heat adjustments. Put the settings on to the highest heat your hands feel comfortable in and relax for the next 20 minutes.

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