New Fashion Gold Jewelry

Because there is no better time to treat your loved one with a little glitter, than with the new fashion gold jewelry. Most importantly, she will love the sparkle and elegance of wearing precious gold and the glitter of diamond jewelry.

As your beauty advisor, we are extremely pleased to show you these very precious, fine jewelry you will be proud to give your loved ones any time of the year. As a result of choosing the right jewelry, she will be able to keep these special golden gifts and think of you every time she wears them.

The 4 Cs When Choosing A Diamond

There are three especially important factors to consider when choosing your diamond. As a result, you will have the finest diamonds you will love for generations to come.

Color- Because of their color scale. For diamonds that goes from colorless to visibly yellow or brown. The diamonds that are completely colorless are the best, exceedingly rare and given a D grade.

Clarity- Natural diamonds have small imperfections internally, or on the surface. Therefore, the highest clarity grade diamonds have the least amount of inclusions, because there are no two diamonds, that are ever the same. The inclusion factors make your diamond unique.

Cut- The cut is probably the most important of the 4Cs, because of the overall beauty. The ability to reflect and retract light. A diamond cut refers to the craftsmanship of each particular diamond.

Carat- The grading scale of the diamond’s weight. However, the diamond size does not necessarily give it value. It is the 4Cs together that give it value.


About Conflict Free Diamonds,

Jewelers who offer “conflict free” diamonds are using the Kimberley Process, because in choosing these diamonds they have been selected for their environmentally and ethical origins.

These are just a few timeless, extraordinary designer jewelries you may want to wear this holiday season. Shop for yourself or for someone special.


#1 Screw Backs 1ct TW AGS Certified Round 14K Gold Diamond Solitaire Stud Earrings  
  • These beautiful earrings come in either yellow-gold or white-gold.
  • These real diamonds are ½ ct each totaling 1ct total weight.
  • Each diamond is most importantly considered conflict free.


1 karat total weight 14k stud diamond earrings are excellent,

because, of the screw secures which

help each earring stay in your ears.

Click picture to purchase

#2. Tri-Color Gold 14k Hawaiian Plumeria Flower dangling earrings
  • These Hawaiian Plumeria flower leis earrings firstly represent positivity and symbolizes new life, beauty, charm, and grace.
  • Each earring back drop is made from a pure solid white, rose gold and 14 karat yellow gold.
  • Comes with gift packaging.
  • Made in the USA.


These sweet dangling 14k Plumeria flowers

will remind you of tropic each time you wear them,

because of their shape.

Click picture to purchase

#3. Rose Gold Stud Dangling 14k Earrings
  • Simple yet elegant, these dangling earrings have a stamp of pure 14k gold.
  • These lovely earrings are safe to wear for anyone with sensitive skin.
  • Specially polished and hammered for the finest shine and sparkle.

14k Rose gold is a very popular color for the ladies this year.

They will love this dainty cm dangle,

because it will land just below the chin line.

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#4.  Elegant White 14k Cultured Black Pearl
  • Comes in white or yellow gold.
  • Radiant 18″ necklace in length. Bracelet 7.5″ in length.
  • Bracelet, necklace and earring are 6-6.5 diameter because of their size.
  • Ships from The Pearl Source America.

14k Black pearls never go out of style,

because this set works with anything you wear.

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 #5. Brilliant Diamond Hoop Earrings
  • Comes in white, yellow, or rose gold.
  • (H-I, SI2-I1) 1″ total diamond weight of both earrings.
  • Near colorless diamonds.
  • SI1-SI2 diamonds because of it’s clarity.
  • Round oval shape.
  • Handcrafted by an RJC member manufacturer.

Everyone will love these 14k diamonds

because of their 1 karat brilliant sparkle.


Click picture to purchase

In conclusion, in our opinion, these are the most popular, finest and prettiest jewelry you or your loved ones will love to wear.

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