Best Treatment For Under Eye Bags

Have you ever woken up in the morning, went to look in the mirror and scared yourself with the reflection staring back at you with those baggy eyes? Yup, you know what we are talking about, don’t you!

Get The Best Treatment for Under Eye Bags

As your beauty advisor, we are here to help you find the best treatment for under eye bags. But lets first take a look at what may be causing your baggy, saggy eyes. Some of these reasons may surprise you.

Some Causes For Under Eye Bags
  • A diet high in salt- Too many chips the night before may cause you to get under eye bags.
  • Water retention- there are many causes for water retention including hormonal. Seek a physician’s help for answers.
  • Allergies- Allergies can cause inflammation which can cause bags under the eyes.
  • Stress- Stress not only causes bags under your eyes it ca also cause uneven pigmentation and fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Dehydration- Not drinking enough water can swell your body full of toxins especially under your eyes.
  • Lack of sleep- is a big factor for under eye bags.
  • Crying eyes- If you have been crying for a long period of time, your eyes can get puffy eyes bags under your eyes.
  • Heredity- This many times will run in the family.
Best Way To Treat Under eye Bags
The best way we treat under eye bags in our treatment rooms are with something called an eye roller.

When waking up with puffy eyes, place your roller into cold running water at your sink or in a cup of cold water. Let the roller cool in the water for about 1 minute. Now take that cool roller and roll under eye bags away. From your nose to your ear using the same directions as the lymph drainage. Do this for about 1~2 minutes dipping the roller into the cool water when it warms from your skin.


Stubborn puffy eyes may take a little longer. Drain the fluid away from your eyes and down to your neck. You do not want to the lymph fluid on your face to collect. Let your blood system clean it away.


With daily use of your roller, each morning or evening, you will notice your skin get tighter and younger-looking. Your complexion will be more radiant without the use of any toxic chemicals that many eye creams have!


Remember to shop early to avoid the rush.

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Once you find the cause, you maybe able to solve some of your issues naturally and then take care of other issues you may find in this link we have provided with  How to Have Beautiful Skin For Your Skin Type

For more in-depth Lymph Drainage Treatment advice click Lymph Drainage.

For more beauty products use this link

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