Best Silk Pillowcase For Skin And Hair

There are many pillowcases on the market, but most of them are not created for your hair and skin in mind, this silk pillowcase is!

Best Pillowcase Made Of Silk For Both Skin And Hair

As your beauty advisor, we have always encouraged a good night’s sleep with a good pillow and a real silk, quality pillowcase. Mulberry silk is known as the best silk found. We will show you how this will benefit both your hair care and skin care needs.

Silk Pillowcase Benefits

  • Create less friction allowing the hair to move freely on a gentle surface.
  • Reduces hair tangles.
  • Decreases bedhead.
  • Helps us look and feel rejuvenated.
  • Alleviates stress on the skin.
  • Absorbs less dirt making it better for acne.


The Difference Between Silk and Satin Pillowcases

Silk is a fiber, while satin is the weave.

Always get real 100% silk pillowcases because faux silk pillowcases will not feel as luxurious

Real silk fibers are longer, so the fabric is smoother and more durable.

 SGS Testing

Inspection * Verification *  Vesting * Certification

SGS is the world’s leading certification: They certify products to be compliant with national standards and regulations through certification.


How Mulberry Silk Pillowcases Are Made

Silk production starts with cultivating the silkworms on mulberry leaves.

The silkworm produces a sticky protein and spins those fibers to create a cocoon for transformation into raw silk.

Most silk producers dissolve the cocoon in boiling water, creating long fibers to be extracted and fed into the spinning reel.


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About Homby Pillowcases

Luxurious Mulberry pillowcases are 100% Pure Silk.

Homby silk pillowcases have passed SGS test.

100% Silk on both sides of the pillowcases is 100% silk.

Zipper is hidden allowing for a secure fit.

These, pure silk pillowcases are long lasting and durable when following the care instructions.

Gently hand wash in cold water or machine wash in cold water on the gentle cycle in a mesh laundry bag.

Allows for a good night’s sleep.

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