Get Self Defense | Pepper Spray Now!

Self-defense never goes out of style. Use pepper spray, gel or other forms of safety you should always carry self defense with you at all times. Pepper spray is something you never want to think about, alone or in a group. Make sure to bring your pepper spray into a place you where you can easily reach it. Protection is for everyone we love.

Self Defense | Pepper Spray

As your beauty advisor, we have always stated, “it is better to be safe than sorry,” because your protection is especially important to us.

We remember traveling within a tour group in Rome Italy several years ago. There we split off into small groups. One older couple ventured off alone but were close enough to the group. Lucky for them, some younger people who were in our tour close by, saw this couple getting attack by four gypsies’ teenagers. One gypsy had a large cardboard in his hands and waived in the faces of their victims, while others were trying to steal their belongings. The younger guys from our group were in their late 20s, saw the attack and raced over to the older couple and saved them from being robbed. This can happen to us anywhere, even in nearby cities we live in. Always be prepared for the unexpected. It’s better to be safe than sorry.


Make sure to have protection when you are….


Alone at the beach.
  By yourself With a suit case.
Near a street car.
On a bicycle.
In a tight ally.
By yourself with a backpack.
Walking city streets.
Getting into your car.
In a dark forest.
Near animals who can hurt you.
Places you shouldn’t be in.
Unknown places.
With your hands full.
They could be watching you.
Trying to steal your stuff,
Or hurt you
and your child.
Scary people around you
and there is more than one of them, such as a gang.
You try to get away,
but you can’t our run them.
You prepare yourself for battle
These self defense devices make perfect gifts for the people you love!

For birthday, graduation, stocking stuffers, holiday gifts, and any other gift giving idea you can think of.

 For Your Safety
Bring your attacker down with this Stun Gun Flashlight.

The current will blast your attacker with a jolt.

Click picture to see price

Pepper Gel for your safety. 

Spay farther without worry of others including yourself contamination.

Comes with a holster.

Spray up to 18 times.

Click picture to see price

Pepper Spay.

This pepper spray will spray up to 35 times.

Click picture to see price

Lipstick Pepper Spray.

They will never know what you are carrying.


Sprays up to 10 times.

Click picture to see price

Police Strength Pepper Spray.

  Sprays up to 5 times farther and helps support breast cancer with each purchase.

Click picture to see price

Personal Alarm.

No need to blow into a whistle.

This will get you noticed quickly!

Click picture to see price

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