Best Aluminum Free Deodorant

There are many reasons to purchase aluminum free deodorant and only buy the best aluminum free deodorant that is safe and certified. Typically, a deodorant with aluminum in it has pleasant scents that stop you from becoming sticky, therefore you think it is safe for your body. Think again!

Reasons To Stay Away From Deodorants With Aluminum

As your beauty advisor, we have always taken the stance that, it is better to be safe than sorry. Most clients we have talked to have already switched their deodorant usage from aluminum to non-aluminum products. We would love to share one great aluminum free, deodorant free product with you.

One of the brands we highly recommend is the Humble Brands. This brand is an all-natural and is aluminum free with a Palo Santo and Frankincense scent. Combined they have a clean, fresh, outdoorsy, woodsy scent.

The Risk of Breast Cancer

Studies suggest, chemicals in your antiperspirants, including aluminum, are absorbed into the skin. Those chemicals may interact with your DNA and lead to cancer changes in cells, which is known to influence the growth of breast cancer cells.

The Risk of Alzheimer’s

There has been a lot of research to see if there is a link between Alzheimer’s and aluminum. They say there has not been any definitive evidence to suggest there is a link, currently. Back in the 1960s there was evidence that found aluminum in the brain of people with Alzheimer’s, but they do not know where it comes from. Could it be for the everyday usage of Aluminum? They have recently taken most antacids off the market because of cancer causing ingredients. Will they also be taking aluminum sodas and antiperspirants off next?

The Risk of Kidney Disease

The FDA has put a warning on the label of antiperspirants for people with kidney disease, because they have found when dialysis patients were given a drub with aluminum in it, the patients had a hire instance of developing dementia. (According to Web Md).

Let’s bring in the 2021 new year with a SAFE new product
that is safe to use and helps us stay dry and smells great!

Humble Brands

Palo santo, is a wild tree native from the Yucatán Peninsula to Peru and Venezuela. Bursera graveolens is found in the seasonally dry tropical forests. The scent has notes of pine and lemon, but can also be described as lightly woodsy.

Frankincense is an aromatic resin that is extracted from the bark of Boswellia. It too has a woodsy lemony scent.

The ingredients include

Essential Oil – Provide calming and aromatic essences that have properties help control odor.

All-natural Baking Soda – For its ability to absorb odors.

Beeswax – Skin conditioning agent that helps to reduce moisture loss.

Fractionated Coconut Oil – Antibacterial, it will protect you from odor-causing bacteria. Offering a silky-smooth texture for your sensitive underarm skin and will not clog pores.

Cornstarch – Absorbs moisture, prevent wetness, and still allows the body to sweat.

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To search for more safe products use this link

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