The Perfect Covid Mask To Keep You Safe

When it comes to Covid masks, we already know which are the perfect mask to keep you safe and which ones are not. We are not going to focus on the masks that will not keep you safe. We are only going to focus on the mask that keeps you safe.

As your beauty advisor, we have had concerns just as you have at not wearing the proper fitting mask to keep us safe. Knowing that a scarf or a bandana does absolutely nothing to keep us safe, they will let in every particle of covid and get us sick. And the old surgical masks do not keep us safe from covid either, yes, they are somewhat safer than nothing but what we really want is not only protecting others, but we also want protection for ourselves.

That is where the KN95 masks mask come in. This masks give us the most protection from the virus. But what we have found out is that not all KN 95 masks are manufactured the same. Some are thinner than other and will not keep us safe. So, we have researched to find the best of the best mask available.

What Is The KN95

The KN95 mask filters 95% of large and small particles entering the mask. In our opinion they are much higher, but of course manufacturers do not want to say 100% because of frivolous lawsuits, so we are not saying 100% either.

KN95 masks are made from a non-woven material making breathing particles nearly impossible to enter the mask as well as exit. Making this one of the most safest masks made.


How To Properly Sanitize And Decontaminate KN95 Masks

Researchers have found one of the best ways to properly sanitize and decontaminated these masks are with UV Rays. After decontamination, the recommendations of wearing these masks says- wear up to 3x. In our opinion after you decontaminate them, as long as they are not dirty, it’s OK to keep wearing the mask. But you decided when you should change your own mask.

What are UV Rays?

UV is an Ultraviolet ray wavelength that cleans, decontaminates, and sterilizes instruments used for sterilization of reusable medical devices.

How Long Does It Take To Clean A Mask Using UV Rays?

Here is where the information gets fuzzy. In a beauty salon we are taught to use UV sterilization for 10 minutes on our instruments. But for Covid, they are saying it takes longer than 10 minutes, but they do not say how long. Our best guesstimate is 20 minutes. But so far, no one has written down the exact timing for us to let you know about the length of time to use the UV Rays for sanitation.


*When it comes to KN95 masks, no matter which one you choose to buy, NEVER get the ones with the exhalation valve. In some states and countries these masks are said to be dangerous, because they don’t give you the protection that the non exhalation valve does.

KN95 Mask

5 masks are included in each package.

Light weight- comes in one size.

Daily usage is suitable for adult’s daily protection.

These masks are disposable and cannot be washed.

Store in a dry location.

The KN95 fits snugly against the face for a great fit.

Purchase many masks.

Covid will be here for many years.

Click picture to see price




Get your KN95 masks now before they run out.

Covid Mask UV Sterilizer

Easy to use, just close the lid and turn on the light.

This all-purpose sterilizing cabinet is the best for decontaminating masks along with other items

such as keys, cell phone, and any other stuff that might be contaminated.

Like we said earlier, the sterilizer cabinet’s instructions tell us the cycle completes in 10 minutes

but keep it on for an additional 10 minutes to kill off covid.

The sterilizing cabinet cleans easily with a disinfectant cleaner.

Or just use dish soap and a wash cloth and turn on the sterilizer for 10 minutes.

Click picture to see price


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