Easter Basket Ideas

What shall we put in our Easter basket this year? We have some fun Easter basket ideas that will please the entire family including yourself.

As your beauty advisor, we will also help you add a beauty idea into those DIY Easter baskets you will be making for your loved ones.

Easter Basket Ideas

Let’s start off with the Easter basket. We have many you may choose from.

This 5-piece, multicolored, woven bamboo baskets are great not only storing your Easter goodies, but also for finding Easter eggs during an Easter egg hunt. These child safety tested baskets are designed to hold many items.

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Other options to give to either a child or an adult would be this natural woven Easter basket you can later use for picnics or to store other items in, such as bread for your Easter dinner.

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Our third option is a personalized Easter basket that comes with up to 9 letters and several colors to choose from including Baby Pink, Blue, Peachy Pink, Green and Yellow Trim. These baskets collapse for easy storage.

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You will need some grass for the Easter basket.

This Easter grass is made of recyclable shredded paper. Comes in 6 colors- Pink, Green, Yellow, Blue, Baby Pink and Orange, perfect colors to fill the Easter basket and lay the Easter eggs and fill the basket.

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Of course, we will need to fill the basket with some Easter Basket Ideas.

Young boys will love these 12 Die-Cast cars that fill their Easter Basket. Each egg is filled with different cars that can be collected during an Easter egg hunt.

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For the young girls we have some adorably cute dolls with pigtails. 6 different high quality, light weight dolls to collect during an Easter egg hunt.

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For the older kids and adults who like to hunt for those Easter eggs with money inside, we have for you 50 easily stuff-able eggs. We like to assign colors per person. Hide the green ones easily so the little ones can find them and the blue ones a bit harder. Then we play the hot and cold game. You are sooo cold you are not near the prize. You’re getting warmer, warmer, your hot, hot, hot, now your boiling hot. That will make sure all the eggs are all found. All you have to do is remember where you hid them.

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Can’t have Easter without Easter candy.

Is it really Easter without those yummy Easter Peeps? These yummy marshmallow chicks are fat free and gluten free with only 28 calories each. The 5 pack chicks come in 50 count colors of pink, green, yellow, blue, and purple. A good taste to splurge on for Easter.

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To add to your Easter basket fun.
We have all the candy the kids (and adults) love to eat.

Remember biting the ear off of your hallow bunny when you were a child. A great memory created with this cute bunny.

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Jelly Belly Beans in a 2 lb bag. Gluten free, peanut free, a vegetarian favorite. With only 4 calories per Jelly Belly bean.

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Yummy Tootsie Roll Eggs are gluten free and peanut free. Over 100 candies in each bag.

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Hershey’ party pack with the favorite Hershey miniatures including Krackel, Mr. Good Bar, milk and dark chocolates.

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Of course we didn’t forget our Easter beauty product we mentioned early. This is a perfect beauty product to put into ever Easter basket.  A lip smaker, Foxy Apple lip balm that comes in many flavors.


For more beauty and Easter products use this link https://wwwbreakingnewsbeauty.wordpress.com/

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