Calming Bath Bomb Spa

Turn your bath into a calming experience with an organic bomb spa gift set. Drop one ball into your running bathwater and soak your way into pure relaxation.

I remember as a child bathing and playing in bubbly water with a box of soap suds from that popular Mr. Bubbles brand. As an adult, soaking in a tub with organic ingredients are a lot more appealing.


  • PREMIUM QUALITY: Handmade, Natural and Organic. Contained the finest ingredients including organic essential oils, organic Shea butter, and sea salt, which make for excellent aromatherapy and healing accompaniments.
  • SUPERIOR VALUE: Bath Bombs fizzies Set includes 24 bath bombs
  • TURN THE BATH INTO A LUXURIOUS SPA:Premium Nature Bath Bombs Kit are like having a spa treatment right at home. Once you drop it in the water it begins to fizzle, releasing healthy and soothing agents that will leave your body feeling renewed.
  • NO STAIN: Our bath bombs are free of artificial coloring and dyes and will not stain your skin nor your bath tub.Therapeutic and Moisturizing Bath Bombs, formulated for Normal/Dry skin. Developed and Created by us, a bath bomb company with passion
  • PERFECT GIFT IDEAS for Party Favors and Wedding. This luxury bath bomb gift sets is on many’s wish list. Perfect Gift for Fathers Day Gifts, Birthday Gift,Valentines Gift, Relaxation Gifts for Women, Man, Mom, Wife, Girlfriend, Teens, or the one you love. 

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