Boost Immune System With A Healthy Smoothie

When your immune system needs a boost, it’s time to make a healthy smoothie for a quick pick me up.

The immune system protects you from many diseases by responding and detecting a wide variety of pathogens, from viruses, as well as the big C cells.

Our favorite way of creatively activating our immune system is by feeding it with the best ingredients.

You may use some, or all our suggestions for your healthy smoothie. The more you use, the healthier you will become.

We recommend staying away from processed food. These foods contain many chemicals and preservatives.

In this post you will find,

the best Liver Cleanse Smoothie marked with red ink,

a Big C cleanse smoothie to boost your immune system, which will include the red ink, plus the blue ink.

Plus, we have included the Big C, Bitter Raw Apricot Seeds Treatment,

and the Myers Infusion Recipe, you may choose to use this recipe instead of an intravenous fluid infusion.

Let’s start off with how we make our immune boosting smoothie. Click pictures for more information.

Juicing blenders are super convenient at breaking up the ingredients with speed and perfection.


This little high-performance machine is fast and so easy to use. The BPA-free plastic cup is an easy way to drink your creations.

Be sure when using Nutribullet for your smoothies that you pulse your machine. In other words, after you start your machine.

Count 10 seconds, stop the machine, take out the cup give it a shake.

Repeat the count of 10 again, take out the cup give it a shake.

Then the final time you count to 15 seconds.

This will prevent your ingredients from warming up in the cup.

Click picture for more information

Funny story. When I first got my machine, I could not figure out how to use it. How can I put a cup full of fruits and veggies upside down without everything falling out? It took me a few minutes to figure it out. You need to put everything into the cup, then add the blade onto the cup, and then… put the cup on top of the machine. Once you do it the proper way, you will always remember.

Measuring Cup

Next you will need to make sure you put the right amount of liquid into the cup each time you get your recipe to perfection.

I prefer glass.

Click picture for more information

You will be able to use this measuring cup for many other dishes you conger up.

Measuring Spoons.

Click picture for more information

To measure powders and liquids for your drink, you will need to have,

Plastic measuring spoons are better than metal ones, because they will never have a reaction to what is in them.

We love the bright colors of the spoons. It will be hard to lose these in your kitchen.

Citrus Squeezer

This gem is perfect for juicing.
Click picture for more information

Of all the citric juice smooshers on the market, you may wonder why I chose this one.

The bottom is real glass and not plastic. It is easy to keep clean and the top keeps air flowing into the container when not in use.

Brilliant idea Gemco.

Now that we have all the small stuff taken care of, let’s get the important ingredients for our Immune system booster.

We will not mention the C word.

This is the best detox recipe for the liver. Detox for two weeks, after which, continue using all ingredients for your immune booster.

Organic Lemons

Click picture for more information

At first you may think you only need a couple of lemons. But these go into your drink at least once a day.

You can use half a lemon or a whole lemon, depends on your personal taste buds. Start off with a half a lemon using your citrus squeezer.

When using lemons never use cow’s milk, lemons will curdle the milk.

Instead, use either 1/2 cup – Almond Milk, or Oat Milk.

Click picture for more information

If you are like me and your tummy will not tolerate almond milk, use oat milk instead. Because oat milk has a little more calories, than almond milk, use only 1/4 cup oat milk and add another 1/4 cup water to cut calories.

Click picture for more information

Is considered a super food that supports our immune system. A little goes a long way. Follow directions on package.

Organic Cucumbers
Click picture for more information

No need to peel the skin, just wash them, cut up a few slices into the bullet and watch the magic happen.

Organic Celery
Click picture for more information

Wash and cut in a third of the stalk of crispy organic celery.

Organic Baby Spinach
Click picture for more information

A small handful is all you need.

Organic Beet Root

Click picture for more information

Some people love to use the top greens of the beet root in their smoothies. Great idea!

If you are using the greens of the beet, use only a half of stalk of the green leaf.

Wash the beet root well, cut root into quarters, add into your smoothie.

Go slow on this strong flavored veggie. Use according to your taste buds.

Use all of the above ingredients for detoxing liver.

Along with the fruits and veggies above. Let’s put more flavorful boosters to increase your immune system. Use all smoothie ingredients.


Click picture for more information

Converts food into energy.

Helps to create and repair DNA and RNA.

Aids in muscle relaxation.

Regulates your brain and nervous system.

Follow directions on package.


Click picture for more information

Turmeric has medically activated properties for brain health. Sprinkle in three shakes or 1/2 teaspoon into the cup.

This powerful spice is known for helping with our brain power.

Did you know that turmeric is also associated with other health conditions such as tuberculosis, rheumatoid arthritis, and viral infections?

Along with the turmeric, sprinkle in 1/8th teaspoon black pepper to enhance the absorption of the turmeric.

Black Pepper

Click picture for more information

Organic Lions Mane Mushroom Powder

Click picture for more information

We don’t want to forget the memory booster that helps you keep focused. Follow directions on package.

Organic Flax and Chia Seeds

Click picture for more information

Rich in fiber, this seed may help with preventing the C word. Use 1/2 teaspoon of each.

Click picture for more information

I mix together my chia seeds with my flax seeds.

Full of antioxidants, may support heart health, may help with blood sugar regulation, and is important for bone health.

365 Cranberry Pomegranate

Click picture for more information

Absolutely, we can add juice to our smoothie. 1/8th cup is all you need.

Pomegranates are great for immunity and brain health.

Cranberries will help the kidney and bladder, not to mention the heart and urinary track.

Other benefits include lung inflation, hair loss, and best of all, fighting the C word.

Organic Cocoa Powder
Click picture for more information

Not only is it delicious, but cocoa is also healthy by

reducing inflammation, getting better blood flow, lowering blood pressure, and naturally improving cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

Use 1/2 teaspoon.

Hemp Seeds

Click picture for more information

Hemp blueberries, yummy! Hemp helps our white blood cell count and the lymphatic system and eradicates malfunctioning cells.

Does the letter C come to mind with this product? Absolutely.

Add 1 teaspoon to your juice creation.

Here are some more must haves’ fresh fruit to add to your smoothie

Organic Bananas

Click picture for more information

Either a half of a banana or half avocado will make your smoothie creamier. Which one do you prefer? Larger fruit, use less.

The banana makes your smoothie sweeter, the avocado makes your drink taste greener. I like adding salt when using avocados.

Organic Avocado

Click picture for more information

Organic Frozen Raspberries

Click picture for more information

The frozen fruits and veggies help to make your drink colder. I use 5 raspberries.

Organic Raspberries have one of the highest concentrations of big C fighting antioxidants of any fruit on earth.

Organic Frozen Strawberries

Click picture for more information

Strawberries are counted as a natural blood thinner.

Eating too many strawberries when on medication may result in excessive blood thinning. So please be careful.

Strawberries are great for boosting your immunity, and relief from arthritis.

It also may help with weight loss because of its low sugar content.

Add 1 or 2 strawberries

Organic Blue Berries

Click picture for more information

Toss in 10 pieces. They are easily freezable to keep them fresh. This fruit is low in calories and may protect you from aging and the C word.

For all who have gone into remission or cured your Big C, we have the best mushrooms that may help keep the big C away.

For all who never want to get the big C, this may keep the Big C from starting.

Use 1 teaspoon.

Turkey Tail Mushrooms

Click picture for more information

Watch the Netflix documentary called Fantastic Fungi to get the true story on this amazing product.


Click picture for more information

Make all of your powdered ingredients ahead of time. You will be amazed at how much time it will save you.

I used to make my smoothies every morning. Not anymore.

* Now I take out all my pre-made powders, drop it into Nutribullit cup.

*Then the wet ingredients and continue with all the fresh and frozen ingredients. Super easy to use.

There are 6 containers, when making smoothies, use the Nutribullit cup for your 7th daily dosage.

*Tip- when all of your ingredients are in the Nutribullet cup, add a couple of ice cubes for a delicious cold beverage.

If the blender won’t blend, add a little more water.

And here they are, the Bitter Raw Apricot Seeds.

These seeds DO NOT go into your smoothie.

Click picture for more information

The B17 compound is the active ingredient that has a numbing taste. No bitterness, no B17.

Our directions may not be what you will need. Consult your physician for best directions for your body type.

Three times a day for 1.5 months. 3xs 8=24 a day.

*Breakfast *Lunch *Dinner

Chew until it becomes paste in your mouth.

Do not swallow until it is no longer bitter.

Tip- If you feel your teeth are not strong enough to chew the seeds, crush for 1 second, each dose (8 seeds) in your Nutribullet.

Moisten mouth with water and begin chewing the powder until no longer bitter about 7 minutes a dose.

No eating or drinking for 20 minutes after consuming the apricot seeds dosage.

This secret recipe was given to me by my very dear friend who won her battle with the big C.

Myers Infusion recipe

The Myers infusion was originally created as an IV injection.

Our Myers formulation does not need IV needles.

The Myers infusion recipe is formulated to help you at the cellular level without needing an injection. No more need for needles. OUCH!



The vitamins are absorbed through the saliva when placed under the tongue, this formula secretes product into system before reaching your stomach.

These are the items you will need for your infusion.

As for the cost… if you consider that each Myers injection can cost up to $150, there is a big savings in DIY Myers formula.

As with all medications and vitamins, always check with your physician before taking supplements.

Medicine Dropper

Click picture for more information

Use to measure liquids.

Calcium Citrate Powder

Click picture for more information

Calcium citrate helps your heart and muscles to function properly.

Check with your physician or pharmacist, calcium supplements may interact with thyroid medication.

Magnesium Powder

Click picture for more information

Essential for healthy bones.

Supports healthy heart rhythm.

Stimulates production of antibodies.

Vitamin Methyl B12

Click picture for more information

May helps brain and nerves.

May help the production of red blood cells.

Vitamin B6

Click picture for more information

May reduce symptoms of depression.

May reduce Alzheimer’s risk.

May help PMS.

May help nausea.

May help prevent clogging of arteries.

May help prevent the Big C.

May help prevent eye diseases.

May help treat inflammation of Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Vitamin B5

Click picture for more information

Help proper functioning of the nervous system and liver.

Is known to help healthy digestive tract.

Helps make red blood cells carry oxygen throughout the body.

Organic Kefir

Click picture for more information

More powerful probiotic than yogurt.

Has antibacterial properties.

Lowers risk of osteoporosis.

It is Low in lactose.

May improve allergies.

We use it as a thickening agent for the Myers Recipe.

Sodium Ascorbate Powder

Click picture for more information

Lowers your risk of developing some Big C.

Helps cardiovascular disease.

Protects you from eye-related diseases.

Shorten duration and severity of the common cold.

Slows outward signs of aging.

Helps maintain strong bones, joints, and tendons.


Sodium Ascorbate comes in a powder form. This must be used in each of your doses.

Since vitamin C (Sodium Ascorbate), is unstable to pre-mix into doses,

Do Not mix Sodium Ascorbate in with your vitamin mixture until ready to use.

Here is your Myers Infusion recipe

Use a dropper for accuracy.

In a container that are used to pre-mix our smoothies combine,

1 scoop Calcium Citrate Powder

1 scoop Magnesium Powder

1 Vitamin Methyl B12 pill opened

1 Vitamin B6 pill opened

1 Vitamin B5 pilled opened

Cover container with the lid and shake, shake, shake.

*Measure 1/4 cup filtered water and let it come to a boil.

Get yourself a small cup or glass to put all ingredients, except the Sodium Ascorbate.

*Measure 1/2 teaspoon vitamin mix from container into the cup.

*Add warm filtered water, using 1/2 tsp.

*Now add the Sodium Ascorbate and stir again. How much Sodium Ascorbate? The tip of a sharp knife, only a few crystals are needed.


*Using 1/2 tsp Kefir, mix Kefir into the vitamin cup and stir.


Now that you have your mixture, using a mirror, suction the wet, yummy vitamin mixture into dropper. (Has a pleasant flavor).

Watch 5 drops at a time, go under your tongue, wait 30 to 60 seconds, and repeat until all of the vitamins are gone.

Do this for one week non-stop.

The following week, do it one time.

The third week follow week 1.

Alternate each week.

No eating or drinking for 20 minutes after consuming the vitamin infusion.

This will give you the maximum Myers Infusion befits without an IV.

We have learned so much about the big C from this book called World Without Cancer.

This book gives a the whole new perspective of what has been missing from our modern day diet in order to never get the big C.

And it’s so easy to incorporate into our lifestyle.

Click the picture for more information

Besides the Bitter Raw Apricot Seeds, click the picture for more information

There are two other recommendations this book has to offer people to beat the big C.

The second important recommendation is vitamin B15, click the picture for more information 

Thirdly, the pancreatic enzymes, click the picture for more information


Please like and subscribe this website and leave a comment about your favorite ingredient.

If you add something special to your smoothies and would like to help others learn about what you do, be sure to write a comment.

What is your favorite smoothie recipe?



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