EES lives in southern California and has been in the beauty business since 1977.

In the first year in business she took advanced classes at the Videl Sasson Academy located in Los Angeles.

In the second year of business and every year after that, she traveled to Europe and Studied at a leading aesthetic school called Eszter Kozmetika where she learned everything anyone every needed to know about skin care, last tinting, waxing and the entire beauty biz including cosmetic chemistry.

She attended yearly European educational seminars along with the ones given in Long Beach, San Fransisco, Las Vegas and New York City. Her knowledge of the beauty business came from the leaders in the industry including Videl Sasson, Paul Mitchel, Trevor Sorbie , Eszter Hajdu and other famous people who were top educators in the profession.

EES has mentored beginner stylists, advancing them to become senior level cosmetologists. She also worked with people marketing their new products and education. She learned first hand what the beauty business is all about through years of hard work and experience not only behind the chair but also traveling the world finding the newest high quality products on the market.

Currently, she is remaining in the beauty field educating the public, and also future hairstylist with her FREE TRIAL audiobook called, So You Think You Want To Be A Hairstylist.


EES and her team of beauty experts will teach you what you need to learn about hair care, skin care products and fashion, from people around the world. These experts believe it’s better to save your money and spend it getting better ingredients in your products.

Please enjoy your shopping spree!

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