BLND for Blondes


The platinum, icy white and mermaid hair trends all over Instagram has us all wanting to go platinum. Truth is, despite the popularity, going platinum is much more complicated than you might think.

The beauty of a new hairstyle, cut or color is that typically in one afternoon, you can walk out of the salon a whole new person… that is unless, you’re going platinum.

If you want to go platinum, you should first understand that the darker your hair, the more time and the more bleach it will take. If you’re hair is dark brown, most hairdressers will tell you that it’s going to take multiple sessions to achieve a platinum shade. Unless you’ve booked an entire day with your colorist and are prepared to pay her for that whole day, you probably shouldn’t get your heart set on walking out a Marilyn on your first appointment. To put it in perspective, it can take over 3.5 hours and multiple applications of bleach to get the perfect platinum shade.

#1 Choose the right colorist

#2 Book a consultation

#3 Don’t freak out after the first process

#4 You will need a tone

#5 Baby your hair after the service