Ceylon Cinnamon For Healthy Blood Sugar Levels

For thousands of years, Ceylon cinnamon has been prized for its important health benefits. This healthy spice maintains a healthy blood glucose, triglyceride, and cholesterol level, with the antioxidants content. As your beauty advisor, we not only care about your outer appearance, most importantly, we would also like to help you with the newest informationContinue reading “Ceylon Cinnamon For Healthy Blood Sugar Levels”

Best Aluminum Free Deodorant

There are many reasons to purchase aluminum free deodorant and only buy the best aluminum free deodorant that is safe and certified. Typically, a deodorant with aluminum in it has pleasant scents that stop you from becoming sticky, therefore you think it is safe for your body. Think again! Reasons To Stay Away From DeodorantsContinue reading “Best Aluminum Free Deodorant”

Best Dooney and Bourke Handbags

Check out Dooney & Bourke’s most popular style handbags for every occasion. We have them here for you just in time for the New Year. They come in all different styles and shapes, small and large. The one important thing to note is the quality designs and craftsmanship, which always become instant classics. This isContinue reading “Best Dooney and Bourke Handbags”

New Fashion Winter Hats

Looking for a new fashion winter hat that will warm your head? A special and unique hat is perfect to wear with your favorite warm winter coat. Look no more! Check out these fantastic, new fashion winter hat items that are not only stylish but also useful in this cold winter’s weather. Who needs aContinue reading “New Fashion Winter Hats”

New Fashion Gold Jewelry

Because there is no better time to treat your loved one with a little glitter, than with the new fashion gold jewelry. Most importantly, she will love the sparkle and elegance of wearing precious gold and the glitter of diamond jewelry. As your beauty advisor, we are extremely pleased to show you these very precious,Continue reading “New Fashion Gold Jewelry”

How To Get Warm Feet For The Winter

Are you tired of getting Popsicle toes for the winter and would like to warm up those feet? In many areas the weather has become very chilly and with that, those tootsie toes and feet are beginning to chill. Warm Feet for Winter As your beauty advisor, we recommend warming up those feet before enteringContinue reading “How To Get Warm Feet For The Winter”

The Best Stylish Tunic

Ladies, you do not want to miss out on this best stylish tunic top, to wear to your shopping spree. Whether you are standing 6ft apart or FaceTiming your loved ones on any occation. This top may be the best, most comfortable and soft stylish tunic you own. Best Stylish Tunic As your beauty advisor,Continue reading “The Best Stylish Tunic”

70 Ugliest Christmas Sweater Ideas

We have over 70 of the ugliest Christmas sweater styles, from many different makers. Tis the season to shop these special Holiday ugliest Christmas sweater you’ve always wanted to not wear. Ugliest Christmas Sweaters As your beauty advisor, we would like for you to have fun with some of these hideously funny and fun sweaters.Continue reading “70 Ugliest Christmas Sweater Ideas”

Best Amazon Luxury Beauty Favorites

We Have Your #1 Luxury Beauty Favorites including an aromatherapy soy candle, Olaplex, Opi, products and gel pillow and more from Amazon. We have asked a few companies which are their favorites. Some of them told us to keep an eye out in your email to see the favorites they are giving. My email wasContinue reading “Best Amazon Luxury Beauty Favorites”

Best Michael Kors Handbag

When traveling during the holidays, it’s nice to travel in style with the Best Michael Kors Handbag. The whole country was in lock down during summer, but did we listen to the shut down? No way! As your beauty advisor, we always advise to be safe when you travel. The holiday season is upon usContinue reading “Best Michael Kors Handbag”