How To Bring Relief To Feet With Orthotics

Breaking news beauty brings you doctor recommended orthotics for your sore feet. The last time we went to my orthopedic doctor for our chronic plantar fasciitis we asked him what we could do for our sore, painfully tired, feet. As your beauty advisor we will share with you what the doctor said, ” What sizeContinue reading “How To Bring Relief To Feet With Orthotics”

How To Find Headbands For Ages 3 and Up

Breaking News Beauty has helped you find headbands for ages 3 and up. Who doesn’t like dressing up with headbands? We know we do. As your beauty advisor, we have always loved wearing headbands since we were little girls. Our mother tied our long blonde hair with pretty ribbons and bows. You will see theContinue reading “How To Find Headbands For Ages 3 and Up”

Discover How Drew Barrymore Gets White Teeth

Breaking News Beauty discovers how Drew Barrymore gets her white teeth so bright. Drew Barrymore wrote on instagram that her white teeth are very sensitive so whiteners were out of the question. Drew made a disclaimer saying she doesn’t get paid for her suggestions of product. As your beauty advisor, we thought this was aContinue reading “Discover How Drew Barrymore Gets White Teeth”

Skateboard Protection In 2021

When it comes to skateboard protection, we say the more protection the better. As your beauty advisor, we would like to show you a video of a little old lady trying to skateboard. The video was supposed to be a prank and funny. But as sometimes it happens, the video somehow went wrong and accidentsContinue reading “Skateboard Protection In 2021”

How To Use A Mermaid Blanket

Breaking News Beauty loves the mermaid blanket and will show you how to use them. These trendy blankets are all the rage for children and adults. Become a sea goddess all year round with these soft, comfortable sea blankets. All you have to do is slip into your personal blanket while watching TV on theContinue reading “How To Use A Mermaid Blanket”

All About The Real Mermaid Swimsuit

Breaking News Beauty has been seeing this trendy real mermaid swimming in her neighborhood pool. Mermaids are no longer mythical creatures in folklore. As your beauty advisor we have noticed that mermaid swimsuits are all the rage¬† here locally. Some mermaids swim in a school of mermaids while others swim alone. But each and everyContinue reading “All About The Real Mermaid Swimsuit”

The Secret Organic Hair Color

Being one of the first beauty salons in Orange County California to use an organic hair color, many stylist¬† and clients ask Breaking News Beauty, which secret hair color line the salon uses. It’s really no secret. The problem with using this color line for the professional is, the company in NYC that Breaking NewsContinue reading “The Secret Organic Hair Color”

Best Off The Shoulder Tops In 2021

Breaking News Beauty has seen off the shoulder tops to be a very popular trend this time of year. Not only in the evening but also all day. There are many styles, colors and makers to choose from. If you are looking for a casual look or an elegant look we have the look thatContinue reading “Best Off The Shoulder Tops In 2021”

Fire, Run! Get Your Running Shoes On

When there is a fire in your store, there is no time to think, RUN as quickly as you can to the nearest exit with your running shoes on. But that’s not what this store told us to do. This store calmly asked all people in the store to finish up their shopping and comeContinue reading “Fire, Run! Get Your Running Shoes On”

Everything You Need To Surf In 2021

Yesterday when we went to the ocean, and noticed the ocean had a calm surf and yet there were surfers out surfing the tiny waves. How can people surf those tiny waves? We thought the surf was too small. But they rode the waves into shore anyway. You could see they had been surfing forContinue reading “Everything You Need To Surf In 2021”