How To Have Long Finger Nails

With the way the world is now, it is good to have an alternate way to get those long finger nails without paying a fortune at those nail salons. A great alternative is to use French press on finger nails. Alternative Ways To Have Long Nails As your beauty advisor I can tell you, someContinue reading “How To Have Long Finger Nails”

Breaking News: How To Do A Soothing Paraffin Dip For Your Hands And Feet

A paraffin dip for your Hands and feet is perfect for the winter months ahead when your hands and feet are driest.

Best Paraffin Treatment For Hands And Feet

The best paraffin treatment for your Hands and feet are perfect for the winter months ahead when your hands and feet are driest. Paraffin wax may also be used as a therapeutic treatment for sore muscles and arthritis any time of the year. As your beauty advisor, I can tell you, most high-end salons haveContinue reading “Best Paraffin Treatment For Hands And Feet”

Choose Your Fall Nail Polish For 2021

Breaking News, sees Fall nail polish ideas in many different colors in 2021. We are dedicating our first two weeks of October blogging about Fall beauty products. For other beauty needs please visit our list of categories. As your beauty advisor, we would like to show you how easy it is to use Fall nailContinue reading “Choose Your Fall Nail Polish For 2021”

Best Men’s Hand Moisturizer

Trying to find the best men’s hand moisturizer for their ruff dry hands used to be a challenge until recently. Now men can have soft hands without much effort when they purchase the right hand moisturizer on the market. As your beauty advisor, we have shaken a men’s hand many times who have been workingContinue reading “Best Men’s Hand Moisturizer”

Best Nail Clippers For Men

When it comes to men’s nail clippers, men are not looking for fancy, they are looking for power an easy to use. As your beauty advisor, we bring you the most powerful, easy to use, best traveling nail clippers all men will love. Nail Clippers For Men When looking for a nail clipper brand, weContinue reading “Best Nail Clippers For Men”